The Pink Fairy and the Litter Dropping Man

Short story by Elliot Green, age 9.

The Pink Fairy was walking down the street all happy and merry. When with the corner of her eye she saw a man littering. With a flash she dashed over. When she got there, he was dropping plastic bottles and cans and glass. She went up to him. He was dressed in black jeans, a black hoodie with a white sail on it, and black and silver trainers.

When he turned around, she said, “Shame! Littering. Don’t you know the harm of littering? You can injure animals!”

Once she had finished, he said, “Whatever! Who cares? They are just animals.”

And she replied with, “STOP THAT! PICK IT UP NOW!”

And he said, “NO WAY! You aren’t the boss of me.”

Then she got so ANGRY that with a wave of her wand she sent him to fairy jail. Where he groaned and yelled and shouted mean things.

After that she cleared his rubbish and flew back to her house still a bit cross but happy she had done the right thing.

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