Christmas Tarot Card Reading #Blogmas

Merry Blogmas! It’s been a few years since I attempted the feat of writing a blog post every day in the month before Christmas, but I feel ready for a challenge. Today I bring you a Christmas Tarot card reading using my Inner Child Tarot Card deck. I wanted to do a fun Tarot card reading, reflecting the spirit of Christmas. It didn’t work out that way, as you will discover…

The Child Spread

Remembering You, learning, growing, and moving on.

1, You – Guardian of Wands

Archangel Raphael is here to share compassion and divine love with you. Accept this gift and carry it with you, sharing yourself with friends and family. Recognizing your ability to heal will help those around you. Be gentle to yourself. Call upon Archangel Raphael for support and strength.

2, Goal – Six of Hearts

Now is the time to heal a rift with someone close to you. Accept that you cannot change what happened and you cannot change their behaviour, but you can change your response to it. Embrace the deep connections you have with people around you. They will help you to heal. They will hold space for you.

3, Ego – Four of Swords

You seek a deeper knowledge of the world, a real understanding of How Things Work. There is a lot happening in the world, but you need not run to keep up. Take it slowly, be patient, and accept all the life lessons that come your way, even if they seem harsh or irrelevant. Everything you need will be available when you need it.

4, Future – Cinderella

Feel your feelings. Cry and rage if you feel helpless. Sob tears of grief and wallow in the loss that has befallen you. Eventually you will see a glimmer of hope, and you will lift those tear-stained cheeks to the night sky, marveling at the moon. The world that you know is crumbling, but the moon and the sun are always there, always shining. Where there is light, there is hope.

5, Doorway to a New World – Guide of Crystals (St Nicholas)

This is the season of giving and here is Santa Claus in one of his many guises. It might not feel like it, but you have been blessed in many ways. You can find what you desire if you just open your eyes and look for it. People will help you. There is a huge opportunity for growth, but you must be open to the possibility and prepare to do the work. For now, simply enjoy the season. Indulge your inner child. Merry Christmas!

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2 Responses to Christmas Tarot Card Reading #Blogmas

  1. That reading felt like it was exactly for me!!! Wanting to know, in a spiritual sense, “how things work” with my chosen path & faith blend. Not wanting to be sad about how this Christmas season is not turning out the way I wanted, but knowing I am sad. And I probably do need to reach out to others more. And find ways to enjoy the season even though it isn’t the way I want. Thanks!

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