Daily Tarot Reading for My Life

Today I share a Tarot reading for my life situation. The past few months have been the culmination of a very trying cycle of events, and a few weeks ago I literally felt that I had reached rock bottom in terms of my relationship and my place in life. I was spent. I was exhausted. I was beaten. Despite my best efforts, nothing seemed to work. My children were fed up and lonely in lockdown, my husband has abandoned us in favour of work, and my career is stuttering and stalling after it seemed to pick up last year. I needed help. And just like that, the fates intervened, my spirit guides made their presence felt, and I found my way towards a healing process. It will take time, but I feel better already.

Daily Tarot Reading for My Life SpookyMrsGreen

Daily Tarot Reading – What is my direction in life right now?

1, Works – Ace of Swords

This is the beginning of a new phase in your professional life. Forget what has passed, and accept that you are strong, and you are more than capable of meeting this challenge. Embrace both your masculine and feminine energies because you will succeed only if you acknowledge that they must work together. This is not a power battle. This is a team effort.

2, Home – Page of Wands

If you accept that you are entering a new phase in your life, then please also accept the challenges faced by those around you. They are being pushed way out of their comfort zone and made to face new responsibilities that they have so far managed to avoid. Perhaps you could be their guide, not their punisher. You are the compassionate being in this scenario.

Ace of Pentacles UW Tarot @SpookyMrsGreen

3, Unexpected – Knight of Swords

The battle is not over yet, but then you already know that. Nothing about the pandemic has been easy, and it’s not just the health threat. Do not assume you must automatically go into fight mode. It is not as bad as it seems, certainly when you compare it to what you have battled before.

4, Your Role – Ace of Pentacles

You are the garden; life-giving, beautiful, and peaceful. You are the place where people retreat when the world is too difficult. They know that you hold a higher knowledge and a wisdom that goes beyond the mundane. Allow them to rest and share your wisdom when it feels right to do so.

5, Outcome – Two of Wands

There is life beyond your fortress, and finally you catch a glimpse of the infinite possibility for travel. Whether that is physical or ethereal remains to be seen. Perhaps you would benefit from venturing out into the world again. I heard a song when I viewed this card, and I’m sure many of you will know how it sounds. I have changed the “He” to a “She,” so it fits my perspective. “She’s got the whole world in Her hands, She’s got the whole world in Her hands…”

2 of Wands UW Tarot @SpookyMrsGreen

Today’s Tarot card reading clearly resonates with me and my place in life, but I hope that you will find some guidance as well. We are all on the same path ultimately, we just choose different directions and experiences. We are all the same, deep down, regardless of how we feel about each other. I need to heal my emotional wounds and stop my ego from ruling the roost. I need to remember my Self, my truth, and my place in the universe, not just in my little corner of the world. What do you need to remember, and how will you set about healing from your recent traumas?

Universal Waite Tarot Cards SpookyMrsGreen

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