Life is Like the Eternal Ghost Hunt

We just celebrated the passing of Summer into Autumn: The Autumn Equinox. Known as Mabon in witch and pagan circles, it is a celebration of the second harvest, and a time when we prepare to batten down the hatches and wait out the storms of winter. Our storms have already arrived, with two very powerful ones hitting the UK last week. I even wondered if our driveway would flood on a couple of occasions, but the rain stopped just in time, and the drains continued to do their job. My mood is a strange one. I am happy that we finally moved house and that my family can settle and grow into the new space. It is the culmination of a quest that has taken me a good few years to achieve, if not longer. Now I am back to the eternal challenge of work, or lack of it, as the case may be. I have lots of work to do. I’m just not getting paid for it, and my finances are dire to say the least.

Plas Teg Sitting Room SpookyMrsGreen

It seems to me that life is almost like those overnight ghost hunts I used to do. I put myself in a location that is reportedly haunted and very active, and I wait, and I call out in vain for a response, and I wait some more, and maybe occasionally, I hear a noise or a voice, or something moves under an ethereal force. That is how my writing work feels now, and indeed my career. I have applied for part time jobs in my local area and received no response. I continue to write, publish, post on social media, and all related activities, and I rarely get a response. Occasionally something happens that fills me with delight and anticipation, and then it turns out to be a huge let-down and the dream crashes around my ears.

Lancaster Grand Theatre Stage Orb SpookyMrsGreen

“Is anybody there? Please, if you can hear me, make a noise, move something, say something!”

 Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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4 Responses to Life is Like the Eternal Ghost Hunt

  1. I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a writer challenge, #CharacterCharades. See the rules at

  2. Caron Allan says:

    It’s all about hanging in there, sometimes from sheer bloody mindedness! As Indie authors, we need to just ignore the negatives and plod on. Keep going!

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