Adventures in Online Dating

Have you ever used a dating website to find a new partner? Perhaps you exhausted all the old-fashioned methods of visiting local clubs and pubs, you casually dated a few people, but nothing ever came of it. Maybe you had a few unpleasant experiences in the local dating scene. I can remember a few occasions when I was younger, and I received unwanted attention while out with friends. In fact, some of those experiences would put me right in the middle of the #MeToo movement. I distinctly remember the time in a nightclub in Cornwall when some idiot lifted the back of my skirt when I was on the dance floor. I was with my fiancé at the time, who was either at the bar or in the bathroom, and by the time I turned around to find the culprit, he was gone. Trust me, I would quite happily have knocked his block off if he was still nearby! But that was a long time ago, and I have grown up.

Using free dating sites is a way to meet people in a space that is not too personal in the beginning. You might enter a basic profile and upload your picture, then you scroll through the recommendations based on your information. The good thing about online dating sites is that they are very carefully monitored to prevent the kind of unwanted attention that you might receive in a physical public setting. Yes, I know there has been some bad press over the years. Ultimately, that has only encouraged the companies that run these sites to clamp down on security and make them super safe for users. And if you didn’t like the attention you were receiving on any particular dating site, well then you simply close down your account and move to another one.

My experience with dating sites so far is very positive. I have interacted with lots of different people and made some connections that I wouldn’t otherwise forge in my day to day life. Our online personas are often very different to our daily or mundane reality. I know there is contention there, and we should mostly try to be genuine. But if we are exploring our sexuality, and if we want a companion, a friend, somebody with shared interests that we just cannot find in our local social circles, well then, we must look elsewhere. I recommend that you try a dating site for yourself. You won’t know how you feel about it if you don’t. If you meet someone in the online dating world, and you go on to develop a very close and long-lasting relationship, well done you. It was worth the risk, don’t you think? Similarly, if you only end up in a casual, short term relationship from your adventures in online dating, at least it gave you some experience. You met somebody new, you got yourself out there, you gained a wider view of the world. That surely must count for something positive?

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