Product Review: Naipo Massage Cushion Shiatsu Deep Kneading Back Massager

I had the pleasure of receiving the Naipo Massage Cushion Shiatsu Deep Kneading Back Massager for review recently, and blimey did I need a massage! It has been a while since I visited a spa, and I was in need of something to ease my lower back pain and soften the stiff tension in my neck. Darn kids, causing me stress every day!

Naipo Back Massage Cushion

The Naipo Massage Cushion was delivered via Amazon and I love it! I lifted it straight from the box, set it on my chair, plugged it into the mains and away I went. You can sit for a fifteen minute pre-programmed Shiatsu massage, and the cushion heats up nicely to warm you on a cold day. Now, on the online product description it suggests that you can use the massage cushion in the car or while you are reading a book. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea – by the time my fifteen minute massage had finished, I was practically asleep! I certainly couldn’t form a coherent thought for several minutes following the massage.


If you are looking for something to ease your back and shoulders, and if, like me, you deal with a chaotic family and work life, then I suggest you try out the Naipo Massage Cushion. It is simple and easy to use, it is fully portable, easy to store, and it does what it sets out to do. A lovely, deep, relaxing massage. While you are here, you could also consider adding the Limited Edition Naipo Christmas Shoulder Massager to your shopping basket. It looks super cute, very festive, and I am sure it will do a wonderful job to relax you after all the holiday stress.

YG Naipo GiftGuide1103


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