#365DaysofTarot – Lessons Learned as we approach Samhain

I am now approaching the final weeks of my #365DaysofTarot challenge. It began on 1st November 2016, and I have completed a Tarot reading for every day in the year since. I admit that I haven’t always read on the day in question. Life happens. Tarot doesn’t need linear time. It simply tells us what we need to know, and shows us what we could be doing to improve or change a situation.

#365daysoftarot #2 SpookyMrsGreen

My #365DaysofTarot challenge has been a strange one. At first I meant for it to be something I could share in the public domain, perhaps doing readings that would resonate with different people. I soon learned, however, that this Tarot challenge was a very personal journey. It has helped me to make sense of my confused emotions, my moods, my life situations, and all sorts of other daily events. The Tarot always speaks the truth. I just need to learn to listen, and maybe sometimes, to obey.


I suppose we are all the same, really. We don’t like to be told when we are being immature, or unreasonable, or when we simply refuse to acknowledge our part in a situation. For many months I was determined to blame other factors when my life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. Then I began to listen to the Tarot. I actually studied the cards that appeared in my readings. I noticed repetitive patterns and sequences, and I realised that I had to change my behaviour. It seems to be working, slowly but surely. Let’s see how the Tarot sums up my #365DaysofTarot challenge as we count down to Samhain…


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5 Responses to #365DaysofTarot – Lessons Learned as we approach Samhain

  1. Interesting post! I’m now tempted to do my own tarot day readings, though I’m not sure I could do a whole year of them! Tarot cards do tend to be very blunt and sometimes hard to read because of that!

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