#WearItWild for 5 Years of Marriage!

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Daniel! We have had a rather difficult transition during recent years, but I think I can safely say we are over the worst of it (for now). A lesson I have had to accept is that there is no such thing as the perfect marriage. And there is definitely no such thing as the perfect relationship. Why should there be? If it was, we would just get bored. My husband is a very smart, very caring, and often very frustrating man. He has an obsessive personality, which at the moment is fully focused on his career in environmental waste management. He is on a mission to save the world, single-handedly it would seem!


Which ties in nicely to another exciting event today, #WearItWild. Have you heard about it? The huge animal charity, WWF, decided to stage a massive event whereby they invite anyone and everyone to dress up as a wild animal in the name of conservation. When I received the email invitation, and I saw that it fell on my wedding anniversary, I got very excited. I mean, my wardrobe already consists of rather a lot of leopard print stuff, so a costume was very easy to create. My daughters even got onboard with the idea, and both are sporting their favourite flamingo-themed clothes today. I look forward to seeing everybody’s photos on the social networks later, to see what wild and wonderful creations came about…


And do you know where I got married? At Chester Zoo! Yes, I know, what a cool venue! It all came about because my husband and I wanted a place that reflected our interests and personalities. As I mentioned before, he is dedicating his career to saving the planet through effective waste management systems. I simply love animals. And Chester Zoo is one of our favourite places to visit. It was a fabulous setting for our wedding, and I still feel the butterflies in my tummy whenever I remember that wonderfully exciting day, when I committed my life to the man that I love. For better, and for worse. I love you, Daniel Green.


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1 Response to #WearItWild for 5 Years of Marriage!

  1. Lisa says:

    Happy Anniversary! here’s to many more!

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