Pretty Daffodils on my Imbolc Altar

The beginning of February sees the stirrings of a new season. The long, cold winter months are still upon us, but the days are once again growing longer, and we feel the change internally. Just as we begin to cheer up and look at the sunshine with renewed vigour, so we see the green shoots of growth in the earth around us.


It is important to me now more than ever that I celebrate the pagan calender. I do this as a way of reminding me of my place in the world, where humans are conditioned to fight for power and control over each other, and we reinforce the need to always have more money, and more things than we could ever possibly truly need. Being of the Earth, being aware of the fresh air around us, of the running water that sustains us, and of the awesome power of Mother Nature, is a way of remaining calm in a world full of chaos and confusion.


And so, for the festival of Imbolc, where we celebrate new beginnings and the green shoots of life, I was cheered to receive the gift of daffodils from a friend. The shoots look beautiful even before the flowers bloom, but they make me smile when I look at them. Pretty flowers. Pretty crystals. Bright colours. Welcome Spring!

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4 Responses to Pretty Daffodils on my Imbolc Altar

  1. Lisa says:

    Daffodils are such happy flowers! Is that your altar? For some reason my eye keeps being drawn to the elephant. Is there a meaning to it?

    • Thank you Lisa! The elephant was actually a very recent birthday gift. I have collected several ornaments of these animals during the past few years, but I am not sure why. Perhaps it is because they are a symbol of family solidity. Yes, my altar is quite simple, but it does the job.

  2. oscarsparrow says:

    What a fascinating collection. Love the “Vesta” image – goddess of hearth and home. Yes the days lengthen – we are but humble beasts in the flow of time and yet we have the words to describe our wonder.

    • Thank you Oscar! Yes, I had not previously been visited by Vesta, but she is a welcome oracle at this time. I am working hard to restore harmony at my hearth, and grow my business. Here’s to a happy and productive year!

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