A Week of Birthday Excess

Phew! That was a busy couple of weeks. I have been absent for a short time (sorry about that), but I have a good reason, I promise! Last Tuesday was my eldest daughter’s fourth birthday. And then on Thursday it was my birthday. So we had a busy week. Actually I had a busy two weeks, because somehow I got a bit carried away planning her birthday party. She decided she wanted a birthday tea party at home. Now, our house is very small, and so my husband and I had to move some furniture around, hide some things in our bedroom, and of course, clean the place to make it respectable for a birthday party.

DSC_0602 DSC_0607

But before I did all of that, I had a look on Pinterest for some party ideas. My daughter is obsessed with the Disney movie Frozen. Yes, she finally succumbed, although it took us longer than most of our peers, and we have only watched the film twice so far. She refuses to watch the film, but she loves the video to the song Let It Go, and she adores dressing up as Queen Elsa and pretending to do her magic. And I love to indulge her! So, I decided to search for homemade Frozen party ideas. And I was very proud with the result. I enjoy crafts, but I am not a very creative cook/baker. However, I provided a very tasty ‘stripy’ birthday cake, a selection of yummy cupcakes, and some pretty sparkly banners, party crowns, and homemade ‘snow dough’ party favours. All in all, it was a very successful event.


Naturally while I was working my magic as a domestic goddess and super mum, my writing and professional work took a back seat. I feel a little bit guilty for this, but you know what, my daughter’s birthday was far more important. I realise where my priorities lie, and right now they are with my children and my family. I have a whole lifetime in which to write, to create, and to further develop my career. Right now, I am nurturing and educating my daughters. And I fit my writing in around them. I will be back at work tomorrow, but for now, have a lovely Sunday my friends!

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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4 Responses to A Week of Birthday Excess

  1. emmacalin says:

    Absolutely right! Soon enough they are at Uni and don’t call for weeks. Enjoy the kids while you’ve got them captive.

  2. You did pretty well for someone who claims not to be a creative cook!

  3. Lots of great food! When I have too many sweets one day then I usually think, “well, I will have less tomorrow.” 🙂

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