#AtoZChallenge – Day 1 – Alpha Wolf

It has begun! The April A-Z blog hop challenge is upon us, and here is my very first post to correspond with the letter ‘A.’ My theme for this challenge is books, and more specifically, my adult paranormal romance series the Redcliffe novels. Today I talk about the role of the Alpha Wolf in the Redcliffe novels.

The Alpha Wolf usually conjures up images of ferocious beasts; overgrown wild dogs that preside over their pack and prove to be fearless warriors when the need arises. They are strong, powerful, and very difficult to overthrow, should another wolf come along with ideas of improving their status. The alpha wolf has his (or her) pick of the females (or males) in the pack, procreating to keep his power base strong. For werewolves this can be slightly tricky, although offspring can be produced in werewolves that were formally human, on rare occasions.


In my fictional Cornish town of Redcliffe, the Alpha Wolf is police detective Danny Mason. He is not the only alpha in town, however. Danny rules the Redcliffe wolf pack, but in the first novel, Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel), he returns home after spending four years working undercover on a job in Scotland. In his absence, his lieutenant, Simon Bunce, ruled the pack.

As we progress into book 2, Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel), we witness Danny’s struggle to retain his alpha status, as the wolves in his pack are reluctant to welcome an absent master. By the third book, Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel), Danny has reinstated his control of the Redcliffe pack, but now faces other battles as the females fight for dominance over each other. The alpha wolf never has an easy day!

Danny Mason is a proud, powerful and irresistible man. He is the identical twin brother to Jack, who just happens to be a vampire. Both men are approximately 130 years old. It is highly irregular to find an immortal werewolf, but Danny and Jack experimented with their twin bond, and the alpha wolf seems to have acquired some of his brother’s immortality.


Subsequently, Danny has many enemies in the supernatural world. Other wolves both fear and despise him alternately. Some, such as his lieutenant Simon Bunce, love their Master unconditionally, and are prepared to die in his defence if the need arises. Danny came to be the Redcliffe alpha wolf purely by accident. He killed the previous alpha when she attacked Simon, but it was too late, and he became a werewolf. Danny felt responsible for the boy, and took charge of his training, promoting him to lieutenant very early on in their relationship.

There is one more alpha wolf in Redcliffe. It is Danny’s second lieutenant, Sally Frost. Sally is a nurse at the local hospital. She fell in love with Danny before she knew he was a werewolf, and once she discovered his secret, she managed to find her way into the pack. Her transformation was sudden and violent, but she proved to be a strong fighter and an excellent enforcer of discipline among the other wolves. She acts as pack leader when required, she punishes the wolves that step out of line, and she supports young wolves in their transitions from human to supernatural life.

The Redcliffe wolf pack is a fascinating subject. There will be more to come later in the A to Z Blog Hop. In the meantime, why not check out my fellow #atozchallenge bloggers. You will find some weird and wonderful articles, and we can all make new friends. See you tomorrow for the next letter in our #atozchallenge.

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*Images courtesy of Deviant Art: Werewolves by Wraven and Alpha by Ninko Madison*

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9 Responses to #AtoZChallenge – Day 1 – Alpha Wolf

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  2. shell flower says:

    Great way to showcase your novels in the challenge. I love the idea of the twin brothers sharing immortality. I have an identical twin sister and if I was turned immortal, I would definitely want her to come along for the long ride, too!

  3. Pete Denton says:

    Good luck with your A to Z Challenge posts. Should be a fun month 🙂

  4. ksr77 says:

    I think all girls like the idea of strong alpha male 😉

    I’m a sucker for some paranormal romance so I think I shall be finding out more about your series 🙂

    Kate fellow A to Zer
    The Tales of Me

    • Hi Kate, great to meet you and yes, I do believe you are correct! Jack and Danny Mason were born out of my adolescent fantasies and they matured as I grew up so to speak…

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