A Preview of the #AtoZChallenge

The clock is ticking. The #AtoZChallenge 2015 is imminent. And I am frantically researching my subjects, writing my blog posts, and collecting suitable images. I feel a bit flustered with it this year, because I seem to have lost a month somewhere. I mean, one minute I was congratulating myself that I could finish off my first draft of Eye of the Tiger (Redcliffe book 4) before I write my A-Z blog posts, and then all of a sudden, here we are. It starts THIS WEEK! How did that happen???


Anyway, I have decided to write my blog posts on the theme of paranormal aspects in my novels. For the first day, on 1st April, I will allocate the letter A to Alpha werewolves. I chose this because for some strange reason, and even though I have always been a vampire lover, the Redcliffe werewolf pack have become very strong, and very forceful, characters in my Redcliffe novels series. And indeed, Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel) promises to be the most exciting adventure with the alpha wolves yet… it is dangerous, exhilarating, violent and passionate. Got your attention yet? Excellent! Make sure you follow my author blog so you can see what I have to share on the subject of the paranormal…


If you are interested in seeing other participants for the #AtoZChallenge, check them out on the official website. We have everything from book stuff, to cooking, to photography, to travel, and everything in-between. Happy April!

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*Werewolf image found on Pinterest


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1 Response to A Preview of the #AtoZChallenge

  1. Oh, my, I absolutely love the graphic with the wolf in it! Very captivating. Sounds like a fun theme and all those things are very popular these days. Try to relax and enjoy the Challenge!
    I am Ensign B ~ One of Tremp’s Troops with the
    A to Z Challenge

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