Celebrating Ostara and the Beginning of Spring

We will soon be celebrating the Christian festival of Easter, but at this time of year we also recognise the change of season as we move from Winter into Spring. Traditionally this was the time when country dwellers would step out of their homes and rejoice as the sunshine and warmer weather returned after a long, cold winter. Farmers begin to tend their fields to nurture the new crops for the year, and animals begin to produce offspring.

Easter seems to have become something of a commercial gimmick in the Western world. People are coerced into believing they must buy and consume huge chocolate eggs, which while being very tasty, are clearly also very unhealthy in such quantities. However, I admit I do indulge in the practise myself, because I do love chocolate! The religious implications of Easter are to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and a symbol of new hope to people who have lived through a long, hard struggle.

Oestara_FertilityI suppose we could apply the season to our current economic climate. There is a lot of doom and gloom, largely perpetuated by the media, that encourages people to look at the darker side of life. We have just received the annual budget forecast here in the UK, and actually not a lot has changed really. Of course the media and many people will focus on the negative side of the budget, because that seems to be human nature. But really, we are not in such a bad situation. At the end of the day, we live in a society where people can get help from others when they need it, no matter how desperate things seem.

I am celebrating all the good things in life at the moment. Yes, I admit, I have my struggles. Finances aren’t brilliant in my household, but we are by no means poor. We have a few minor health niggles, but again, nothing that can’t be handled. I feel happy and positive because we have a bright, cheerful, Spring and Summer season ahead of us where we can get outside and enjoy long walks in the countryside and by the sea. My baby is due to be born in July, so I am essentially the representation of fertile Ostara at the moment! Life is good. Let us celebrate, and welcome the sunshine.

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3 Responses to Celebrating Ostara and the Beginning of Spring

  1. I like your optimistic post, Catherine. Now it would be great if the snow finally left and the warmer days you speak about arrived 🙂 We’re still under 0°C here. What a strange weather for this time of the year.

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