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★.•*¨*★ LIVE ★LIVE ★LIVE ★.•*¨*★ SUAVER by C.A. Bell 

#TheSuaveTrilogy Book 2 ★#OneClick it: http://mybook.to/Suaver ★ Just when you thought it couldn’t get any sexier… they’re back. But this time Max needs Brooke’s help. When Max receives a phone call from his step-brother, Thomas, inviting him to their parent’s tenth wedding … Continue reading

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Helping Others Sell Books is Fun but What About Me?

Recently I have been pondering the issue of self promotion in terms of selling my books, and I am coming up short with answers. I have no financial budget with which to sell. Therefore I have to rely on free … Continue reading

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Indie writers are gluttons for punishment!

I just had to share this little post, since I felt a deep understanding of the subject matter (namely ME!) Here’s to my fellow Indie writers, you are not alone… Indie writers are gluttons for punishment!.

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Winding Down for Christmas

You might have noticed my absence from the virtual world this week. Or at least, my reduced interaction and networking. After a crazy two weeks without internet at the beginning of December, I decided it was time for a break. … Continue reading

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I’m Back Online, Phew!

Wow, I have just suffered for two very long weeks without broadband access at home, and it has practically killed me! I am not even exaggerating. Perhaps I am seriously (and rather unhealthily) addicted to social networking, but I need … Continue reading

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Spirit Sisters and the Redcliffe Novels

This weekend (Sunday 6th May) I will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chester, UK to talk about my Redcliffe novels. I will sell signed copies of Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) and The Mirador Fantasmagoria, and I will … Continue reading

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