This Is the Most Popular Cat Breed In 2022 Across the US

A new research analyzed Google Trends to find out the most popular cat breed in every US state and, as it turns out, one breed sits on top of the list as the most popular in all the states.

Image Credit: CatsPlay

According to a new research commissioned by, which analyzed Google Trends for the most searched for cat breeds in the US in 2022, Americans have a clear favorite among the many cat breeds.

Full data available HERE.

In 2022, top 5 most searched cat breeds are:

1. Maine Coon (search volume 708k) – originating from Maine, these laid-back cats are more than  prepared for the harsh winters with their double coat of long-haired fur.

2. Siamese Cat (search volume 267k) – known as the most chatty cat breed, Siamese cats have a very friendly and cuddly personality, which is probably  why they are so high on the list.

3. Munchkin Cat (search volume 207k) – due to their short legs, they might not be able to jump to the same heights as other breeds, but they more than compensate with their playful and sociable personality.

4. Persian Cat (search volume 195k) – Persian cats require regular grooming, but their royal demeanor deserves nothing less than a lush and luxurious-looking fur.

5. Sphynx Cat (search volume 186k) – these energetic cats are perfect for everyone who wants to be constantly entertained with their acrobatics. Although their lack of fur means they don’t need brushing, they do need to be bathed once a week.

Every pet lover can find their perfect match among the many cat breeds, depending on where they live, their living habits, and how many people, kids, or other pets are in their home.

Despite that, Americans, or at least their Google searches, show that they have a clear favorite. Across all fifty states, plus DC, Maine Coon is the most popular cat breed. Whether it is because of their inquisitive and extremely friendly nature (they get along with humans, kids, and other pets) or their long, smooth and silky fur, one thing is certain — the breed that was facing extinction in the 1950s has won hearts across America and is by far the most popular cat breed today.

Siamese cats are the second most popular breed in all states, as well as DC.

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3 Responses to This Is the Most Popular Cat Breed In 2022 Across the US

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I had no idea Siamese cats would be so popular as I’ve always thought them more rare. You know, I’ve no idea what breed our cat is (in part because he adopted us so we’ve no backstory on his birth or mama), so I always just say he’s a black & white 😂 xx

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