Planning the Best Winter Break

We’re heading into winter and, for many of us, this means using up our annual leave and paid time off with a great winter break. Leaving the worries and stresses of work and day to day life behind can be a great release in the lead up to the holiday season, or a great wind down once the holiday season has come to an end. Here are some key breaks that you might want to take into consideration for your winter break!

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Ski Resorts

One of the most popular getaways at this time of year is the classic ski resorts. Ski resorts allow you to take a break from day to day life without necessarily seeing different climates or seasons. You can engage in fun ski activities during the day, then unwind and relax in cute cabins with open fires and delicious food and drinks on the night. What’s not to love? There are, of course, ski breaks suitable for people of all different ages and abilities, so whether you want a family holiday, a romantic getaway or anything in between, you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs. If you’re not an experienced skier, make sure to book some classes and ensure you have all the equipment you need. Some can be rented at resorts when you get there, but sometimes you might have to take certain items of your own.

Beach Breaks

Another popular vacation in the winter is a beach break. Many of us miss the warmth of the sun and want to kick back and relax before or after the festive season by enjoying a beach, the pool or other laid back activities. Of course, you may have to travel further afield for this, but for many, it’s more than worth the effort, cost and time taken. If you are heading overseas, make sure to look up any information you might require about travel vaccines, ensuring you’re protected against anything that may be common in your country of choice. You should also make sure to stock up on sun screen, insect bite cream and other essentials that can prevent damage or irritation to your skin, making your trip more comfortable.

City Breaks

Want to see some sights and enjoy some different cultures? This is where city breaks come into play. A good city break will see you head to a popular city in another country, giving you access to everything it has to offer. Some of the most popular destinations tend to include capital cities, such as New York, London, Paris, Rome and more. Before heading on a city break, do your research. See what the most common things to do are in each country. Make advance reservations for days out and meals. This will ensure that you don’t have to miss a thing. You may also want to consider queue jump options if they’re available, as this can save you a lot of time while you’re away, meaning you spend less time queuing and more time doing the things you enjoy and making the most of your time in your chosen city.

Active Getaways

For some, a getaway means being able to lounge about and do the bare minimum. For others, this sounds dull and bland. If you’re someone who enjoys keeping active, you may want to consider a more active getaway. There are plenty of different breaks that fall into this category, so think about what you might enjoy the most. Some people like to spend time in the water, heading away to surf school, diving courses and snorkelling,. Some like to keep things on land, enjoying hiking and other expeditions, such as climbing volcanoes or mountains. Think about what you would enjoy the most – what you want to do, what you want to see and what skills you might want to pick up. You should also, wherever possible, hire a guide to take you on any excursions. These individuals will know the places a lot better than you and can ensure you don’t get into trouble or lost along the way.

Hopefully, some of the information outlined above should help you to plan the best winter break to suit your needs! Sure, different things appeal to different people, but at least one of the options outlined above should help you to find a break that ticks all of your boxes and to start preparing for it as best possible!

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