3 Tips For Stopping ‘Messy Bedroom Syndrome’

If you’re anything like us, you find it easy to mess your bedroom up in the morning. When you’re rushing to go to work by drying your hair after the shower, putting on your clothes, packing your back and fitting your shoes on, leaving your coffee cup on the side, failing to make your bed, and perhaps not having time to deal with that pile of laundry can become a habit.

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Now, your bedroom is the most personal space in your house outside of the bathroom, which is why it’s totally forgivable to leave this a little messy until you return to it. No one is going to grade or test you on just how inviting your bed looks as you head off to work.

However, it’s also true to say that a bedroom which is continually messy can be hard to get out of, and so implementing habits that helps us plan for and manage our home space, even with a limited schedule, is a great use of our time. So – let’s consider some advice for helping you achieve exactly that. With the following three tips, you’re sure to avoid ‘messy bedroom syndrome’ in the best possible light.

Storage Solutions

Of course, the more worthwhile storage solutions you have in the space, without cluttering the area, the better. The best bedside tables often provide a fantastic outlet for this, because not only are they relatively small, but they furnish the bedrooms with compact storage space and surfaces that can be used easily. In the long run, that really does make a difference to how homely a room feels, and gives yo another reason to avoid messing the space up too much.

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Avoid ‘The Laundry Chair’

It’s very temping to use ‘the laundry chair’ in a room, that is, a space where dirty or clean, folded laundry can be placed before we put it in our wardrobe or chest of drawers, or before we go and wash it. The habit goes that when we need to use the chair, we transfer this laundry to the bed, and then from the bed to the chair at night. Before long, you notice that the only reason this chair exists is to hold your laundry. Avoiding this can help you prevent the sense of ‘messy room’ that seems insurmountable. You may be able to get around that by:

Using An Exposed Hanging Rail

Bulky, larger, intensive wardrobes can be fantastic implements for a bedroom, often helping to define the space. We’re not about to tell you to get rid of your wardrobe as an organizational tip, as that would be comical, quite clearly. Yet it’s also true that you can offset constantly needing to use your wardrobe by implementing a small hanging rail, perhaps exterior to it. This way, hanging coats, putting up a sweatshirt in the winter, or even hanging drying clothes from a hanger can free up the floor space or surface area you may have used otherwise.

With this advice, you’re sure to stop the messy bedroom syndrome with care.

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