Best UK Travel Destinations This Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up, many people are looking to do something different with their Christmas, and there’s been no better time to get out of the house. With the lockdown that’s been stopping people on and off all year, people are desperate to get away from their homes, and that’s why you should be considering a getaway for your Christmas that’s coming up. But where in the UK actually makes for a good travel destination? Well, there are a number of places that will have you feeling festive depending on where you go!


Staying at a Christmas Inn

If you’re looking for a place to stay this Christmas, whether it be with your family or alone, then you might consider looking for an inn in your local area. Staying with places like The Inn Collection Group means you can do a lot less work this Christmas, and a lot more celebrating. You won’t have to cook, you won’t necessarily have to decorate – you can leave your home behind and head for somewhere that’s prepared to make your holidays special and unique. Many people experience burnout during the holidays, but when you’re heading out and leaving a lot of the work to someone else, you don’t need to worry about that.


If you’ve never been to York, you might be unaware of the beautiful scenery that it has to offer. Its historic buildings make for the perfect Christmas setting, and look wonderful once all of the festive decorations and lights are up. If you can find a place to stay like a hotel or a BnB, then York can make the perfect destination for you. People who don’t live close to towns are often missing out on such festivities, and you should make sure you make the most of it this year in York. It’s even been named one of Britain’s most festive cities!


Even if you’re just planning to stop by, London can make for a great place to visit this Christmas, and there will be festive lights like you’ve never seen bef4ore. It’s a capital city, and you can expect more presentations in London than you could anywhere else in the UK. Not only the lights, but the parks and large avenues make for a spectacular winter wonderland if you happen to catch the city when it’s snowing.


If you’re looking for somewhere different to spend this Christmas, Cardiff might be a promising choice. Every year Cardiff puts on a huge event called Winter Wonderland, and you would be missing out if you were nearby and didn’t show! It starts around mid-November and carries on all the way until the start of next year. You’d be missing out on the funfair, the ice rink, and even the festive food and drink available to those who attend! If you’re looking to spice up your celebrations, Cardiff is the place you should be looking at visiting! Even better if you can find yourself some Christmas-ready accommodation.

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