4 Simple Skills That Improve Your Homeowner Capabilities

There are many benefits that come with owning a home as opposed to renting a space. A mortgage often works out cheaper in the long term than renting a property, and that especially goes for if you’re purchasing a home with a partner rather than living alone. Furthermore, you can curate the space exactly how you like to within reason, because, well, it’s your home.

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However, it’s also true that you won’t have a landlord or maintenance service in the building to come and take care of issues where then they take place. You won’t have a driveway that’s someone else’s responsibility to fix, and you won’t have security implements that have been purchased by someone else to keep your home safe. Most homeowners are aware of this, and care for their property as necessary. Yet it can also be that homeowners benefit when they feel more assured and competent when they have a large skillset to draw from. Some of this comes from experience, some can come from friendly guides. 

We hope to provide the latter:

Small Maintenance Can Go A Long Way

A little maintenance can go a long way. Learning a few repair techniques can help you fix up your home when necessary. This can prevent small issues from becoming big issues, and small repairs from becoming big costs that you may need someone else to come and sort out.

For instance, it might be that your microwave handle breaks off, and you can’t open the door. Instead of replacing the unit, taking the time to find out how to fix the door handle on your microwave by using the necessary, cheap parts can save you the cost of full replacement, and give you a real victory for the day. Little efforts like that, even if you need to watch a tutorial on YouTube or read a blog post, or download the PDF manual for an appliance from the manufacturers’ website, all can help you feel more capable and willing.

Then, the next time, perhaps you’ll not worry so much about a small repair you need to make, because you’ll already have the confidence you need to enact a solution.

Managing Your Garden

Managing your garden can be a tremendously worthwhile use of your time, for obvious reasons. Yet it’s easy to forget just how important this can be. From learning how to kill weeds by using the right products, to measuring your garden, drawing up a plan, and dividing theoretically space for a veg garden, all of this can be tremendously worthwhile for feeling a sense of authorship over your green space.

Of course, it’s not all busywork that you should attend to. Perhaps you’re hoping to entertain some guests after a long lockdown, and so wish to establish a little bit of space for your garden furniture by removing old climbing equipment once used by your children. Decisions like this help you retain a little more control over your home.

Knowing Your Home Security

Home security is essential, not just for making you safe, but making you feel safe too, which leads to peace of mind. Knowing your home security and how it operates can be helpful. This might involve reading how to set your alarm code every now and then, or learning how to implement your flood motion lights if you wish to add some more visibility to your outer area. Or, knowing how to take footage from your recorded door cam can also give you further security.

Prioritizing Repairs/Implements

It’s good to prioritize repairs when you need them. Instead of feeling as though you’re not sure where to go with this, you might write a tier list of the things that need taking care of, as well as how you hope to go about them.

Then, you can craft a checklist of inspections to carry out every month or so to make sure that your home is in good standing order, which helps you feel more ‘on top’ of things as opposed to just waiting for something to go wrong and being taken aback by that. As you can see, it’s often the little sustained efforts that make the most difference when living as a homeowner, and putting in that effort might help you save plenty of money thanks to that.

With this advice, we hope you can learn new skills to improve your capabilities as a homeowner.

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