Tarot Card Reading for Guidance in Relationships

Today I share a Tarot card reading for June, and this one is hosted by the Vampires Tarot of Eternal Night. I love this deck because it is dark and gothic and appeals to my spooky nature. Does it appeal to you? The spread I used is called The Cross, and the reading was quite deep in the end, featuring three cards from the Major Arcana which corresponds to big events or news. Read on and see if the Tarot card reading resonates with you.

Tarot Card Reading

1, Yesterday: What led to the current situation – The High Priestess – Divine Connection

You led us to this situation. There is something missing from your life and while you desperately seek this mysterious higher realm, you distance yourself from those you once felt close to. They simply don’t understand how you feel. Do you understand how you feel? You are now adrift from everything, trapped between worlds.

2, Tomorrow: The immediate future – Knight of Wands – Observe

Someone is aware of you. They see your ability and they recognise your value. You may not know them personally, but they will show themselves when they feel ready. Did you apply for a new job? Your luck may be about to turn.  

3, What is Hidden: Events or facts that you are not aware of – The Magician – Control

Have you complained that other people are controlling your life? Maybe you feel trapped by your partner, or your children, or even trapped in your job. Remember that you created all these relationships. You nurtured them. You decide what is worth keeping and what needs to go. Take back control.

4, What is Known: Events or facts that you are aware of – Wheel of Fortune – Cycles

It is time to step back from the chaos. The situation you have been dealing with is beyond your control, and deep down you always knew it. Now is a good time to step away and leave the others to find their own path through the storm. You always knew how it would play out. Let it reach a natural conclusion.  

5, The Path: The Tarot’s Advice – Eight of Swords – Bound

If you really want to resolve the situation then you must make sacrifices. You want to be free in a world that doesn’t understand you. Perhaps you will find it easier if you restrain the aspects of yourself that don’t quite fit with your current place.

6, The Truth: The Response – Ten of Swords – Dreams

Your time has come, and there is nothing more to say. You really did try to fix it. There are happy memories to cherish and a lot of good came from your union. But now it is over. Do not try to move on. Simply accept, grieve, and wait for a new day.


The vampires tell it like it is. There is no gentle way out for you. There is pain and unhappiness, but you do remember the good times. While I am confused about why the Tarot would advise one to hide themselves or make themselves fit in with others, I suppose it is trying to say that we choose where we want to be. If we want to be in a certain lifestyle, or a certain environment, we may have to adapt to fit that environment. Alternatively, we keep searching for a place that fits us. When you are ready to move on you will be ready for a new cycle.

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3 Responses to Tarot Card Reading for Guidance in Relationships

  1. Judith says:

    I collect Tarot decks, but I’m not familiar with the one you’ve used here. I’ll have to check it out. I like the lay-out you’ve shown. I think I’ll use something similar for a reading I’ll be doing later today. Thanks for sharing it.

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