Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, my friends.

Yes, today we celebrate our mothers, and today I celebrate myself as a mother. I cannot visit my Mum due to the UK lockdown, but we plan to have a wonderful day out at our favourite craft village when we are allowed to socialise again. We look forward to it. I am glad that my mum is still with me, still on the end of the phone to talk to and waiting for a visit from her children and grandchildren.

I want to wish a bittersweet Happy Mother’s Day to my friends who are grieving. This is due to both the pandemic and other circumstances. I grieve with my friends and send my condolences to whoever reads this message and is missing their mum in death. Know that she will be watching over you, wherever she is.

For my friends with younger children who have battled through the lockdowns, let us stand proud in our achievements. We have managed to keep our families healthy, happy, educated, cared for and supported during this most difficult time, and we continue to do so. Happy Mother’s Day. We are Amazing!!!

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4 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! I am missing my mom terribly, it has now been about two years that I visited my parents. Every day I hope and pray that the pandemic ends soon, and we have a great mother-daughter time together! ❤

  2. Invisibly Me says:

    What an incredible post!  ♥ I’m very fortunate to be with my parents but they’re both still shielding and the time when Covid is behind us cannot come soon enough. I’m sure it will be all the more sweet and wonderful to see your mum again when it’s safe to do so. It’s a tough day for many – and it’s been a hell of a tough year generally for many too – so you’re right with it being bittersweet. Sending love, Happy Mother’s Day!  🌹

    Caz xx

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