Fun Ways To Make Your Child More Fashionable


Kids love playing around with their outfits and style, and many kids spend the first few years of their life trying the most crazy combinations that only a child could get away with. However today we want to take a look at how you can help your child start finding their sense of style and really take fashion as a part of their life. 

Today we want to share some fun ways you can teach your child about fashion and make them a little more fashion savvy at school and at home. 

Use their hair 

The beauty about kids is that you can do any hairstyle without it looking too childish. As adults a lot of the time we have to shy away from styles such as pigtails or certain braid because they don’t suit an adult style, but when you have a daughter you have a free pass to play around with all of the fun styles you couldn’t before. Create fun braided styles and space buns and allow your child to express themselves through their hair. Teach them how to braid hair themselves and soon they’ll be the talk of the playground and will be doing hair for all the other girls. 

Buy a good quality coat 

It is so important to have a good quality coat for your child, and when you buy a coat always buy it one size up to allow them room to grow as well as layer items underneath. A good fabric coat is a great accessory for your child and with a matching scarf and pair of gloves your child will always look stylish and put together. 

Allow them to explore their taste 

When you want to help your child with their fashion choices the best thing you can do is allow them to explore their own taste. Every child will have a different idea of what they want to look like, and it is your job to facilitate this and allow them to express themselves in a way that makes them happy. Your child might be girly, sporty, outlandish, or classic in style and you can have a shopping trip or two and try on different outfits until your child finds their flow. This is a fun experience for both of you and it will allow your child to start exploring their taste in fashion and decide what clothes suit them. 

Have fun with colour 

Colour is a great thing to have fun with as a child, and your child could wear a rainbow if they wanted and still look great. Colour is a way to express yourself and your child can play around with different colour schemes to find their favourite. If your child has a favourite colour this will likely be easy, but you can also teach them about which colours go with others and how to style an outfit that flows. 

Allow coloured hair strips 

Your child is likely too young to dye their hair just yet but it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun with colour. Coloured hair extensions are a great way to add a touch of colour and fun to your child’s hair and they can mix and match depending on their mood. It will be a fun way to experiment with colour and your child can have fun creating a hairstyle they love. Even if it doesn’t go with everything they wear who cares? Children are children and they can have some fun! 

Invest in comfort and style 

When considering your child’s wardrobe you need to consider a balance between fun and comforts. Finding  kids shoes that are comfortable and sturdy is important because your child will likely run around a fair bit and make a mess! Make sure to allow your child to play around and find a style that they love, as well as one that is useful and practical for their lifestyle. 

Use a fun nail colour 

Nail polish is not toxic and your child can safely use this from a fairly young age – so why not let them play with it? Allowing your child to paint their own nails will be a fun way to express themselves and they can start colour coordinating their nails to their outfit for the day. It will be a fun way for them to feel more fashionable and they will soon be the talk of the school. 

Children have a vivid imagination and a creative mind and this is why teaching them to play around with style from a young age is a great idea. Allow your child to have fun playing with different fashion styles and outfits this year and it will prepare them for getting older and having to put outfits together!

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