Imbolc Tarot Card Reading

Here is a Druid Craft Tarot card reading using the Celtic Cross spread format. It is designed to reflect the change of season, Imbolc, as we see winter turn to spring. We celebrate new beginnings and I offer Imbolc Blessings to my pagan friends.

1, Current Circumstances – Ace of Pentacles

Despite the pandemic your situation is secure. Perhaps you work in a key sector and life has mostly continued as normal. If your work and life has been impacted, you might now be feeling at peace with your situation, recognizing that you have come away lightly from the drama and that you should appreciate what you have.

2, Current Influences – King of Cups

Everything you need is right there within reach. You might have enjoyed a favourite hobby or pastime during lockdown. Keep it up! This helps you to feel good and relieve stress. Your creative and intellectual activities will help you navigate life in lockdown and prepare for when the world is ready to open up again.

3, Future Influences – Three of Cups

This card makes me happy. We all miss socialising with our friends and family. I crave some group therapy with my friends where we can sit around a table and talk properly. It doesn’t work the same via Zoom or video call. The end is in sight. We will celebrate together very soon. There will be some raucous reunions when the pandemic recedes, and I cannot wait to go out again.

4, Future Events – Queen of Wands

I noticed a subtle change in my self-confidence during the past twelve months. How about you? I am confident in my physical self and satisfied with my life choices. I have made mistakes, but I learned from them. Now we can move forward and do what fulfills us on a deep level.

5, Past Influences – Three of Pentacles

Look back at the last few years and think about what you have achieved. Maybe you completed an apprenticeship or a training course. Now you can build on those skills, take them out into the world, and know that you are supported by your mentors and teachers. You have built something important, and people will want to enjoy it.

6, Past Events – Prince of Wands

Remember those adventures you had before the pandemic? You will pick up where you left off just as soon as it is safe to do so. For now, you have found other ways to channel your energy at home. Well done!

7, Feelings – Nine of Swords

Bereavement. We have all suffered during the past year or so, and not just because of the pandemic. We have felt the pain of loss, whether that be a person, a job, or a way of life. Allow your feelings to flow. Talk to someone if you need to. You do not need to suffer in silence.

8, Outside Influences – Four of Wands

We all feel frustrated and fed-up being stuck at home with limited social interaction. The temptation to wallow in self-pity is easy. Try to stay positive and celebrate your small achievements.

9, Hopes and Fears – Prince of Pentacles

Did you start a new routine during lockdown, and are you worried that it will stop when restrictions ease? Or are you eager to return to your old life? Either way, you can continue with your preferred habits if you stay focused. Proper planning is the key here.

10, Outcome/Resolution – Six of Wands

Well done you! Embrace the triumph of your success, whatever that means. For me it will be a relief when my children return to school. I am working hard to support them at home, and I take pride in my achievement, whether anyone else recognises it or not. We are all succeeding with challenges that nobody else can see. That doesn’t make them any less important or special. Be proud of yourself.


This Tarot card reading has not revealed anything spectacular or revelatory. There are no dramatic events to predict. It is about life going on in a steady rhythm. Make peace with your life, and if you are unhappy, make the change. This is a new normal. Make the most of it. Imbolc Blessings!

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