Bored at Home during Lockdown? No Chance!

There has been some talk online about how to alleviate boredom at home during lockdown. I cannot understand how you could possibly be bored at home! During the past four weeks since our school officially closed, my daughters and I have been busy decorating the living room, working in the garden, walking the dog, playing games, doing crafts and all sorts of other little activities. In fact, I am just as busy now as I was before lockdown. How are you finding the new routine? Do you even have a routine anymore?

Bored at Home During Lockdown_ No chance! (1)

Today I decided to start the new school term with a properly structured school day at home. It took a while to clear our dining room table so my girls can use it as a school desk, but we got there. We have been busy with craft projects. During the Easter holiday my girls and I painted some eggs to make Easter decorations, we printed posters and coloured them in to stick in the windows, and last week my girls made a collection of dolls using foam stickers they found in our craft boxes. I seem to spend most of my time running around tidying up behind my children and my mostly absent husband. How does he create so much mess when he is at work all the time?!!

Bored at Home During Lockdown_ No Chance!

As for my work, well that is all on the back-burner. So far during lockdown I have only read one book from my book club backlist, I haven’t found time to sit quietly and meditate on my reiki training, and I haven’t even looked at my current manuscript. I can barely keep up to date with my blog posts. Granted, I had a very lazy weekend and I am slightly addicted to a game called Matchington Mansion, but I won’t worry about that. My priority now is keeping the children entertained as much as possible and helping them when they feel upset about missing their school friends and their old activities and socializing. Oh, and I have to learn how to be a dog trainer because our dog is behaving very badly indeed, and we were about to book a personal behavioral specialist just as lockdown was announced. Any suggestions, dog people?

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