Spiritual Guidance Tarot Spread

I have not worked with my Tarot cards for a long time, over six months, so today I decided to share a Tarot reading that I did for general interest. I used my Druid Craft tarot deck, and I had no specific questions, requests or intentions for the reading. What came out reflected largely on my husband, who recently took voluntary redundancy and is at a crossroads in his life both professionally and personally. It reminded me that I need to support my husband during his difficult time, and perhaps I have not been as sympathetic as I might have been recently. For me personally, there are no major stresses or worries. I know that our family is secure and that we will work through this life event. My husband has anxiety and depression, so for him the way forward is not always so clear and positive. Here is the reading:

Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading

1, Two of PentaclesJoyful

I trust in the Earth to provide sanctuary during a time of financial uncertainty. We can balance our resources while we work towards making improvements, but we can allow ourselves a little fun in the process. This is a happy time, despite the lack of structure and solidity, and we will continue to improve.

2, The LordTake Control

He is defeated and angry, but he remains proud of his work and the decisions he made. It was a long, hard battle during the past few years, and he learned a lot during that time. Now he may retreat while he considers a new plan to support his family. He has resources. Now he can decide what to do with them, and how to make them more profitable and fulfilling.

3, Ten of SwordsBetrayal

Our situation may look bleak from the outside, but do not feel sad for us. Yes, there is a sense of betrayal from the company that took so much from our lives in terms of time, emotion and energy, but we gained a lot in return. There is much happening beneath the surface. We are not defeated yet.

4, The FferylltHarmony

It is time to return to the cauldron and create a new dream. Use your magic to help him find his way. You know what he can achieve, and you have already achieved so much for yourself. Help him to see his potential. And have fun doing it!

5, Seven of CupsDaydreaming

His life is in turmoil and he needs to come to terms with it. Allow him to feel his emotions and recognise that he can be and do so much more. Leave him alone to daydream and make plans, and he will return to you much refreshed and invigorated. Enjoy some free time while you have it.

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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