#AtoZChallenge – What’s Your Vice?

It is Friday, hooray! Today on the #AtoZChallenge I allocate the letter V to vice. By that I mean the kind of vice that is your treat, your personal allowance, your method of release from the stresses and strains of daily life. Back in the old days (pre-children) I would have used Friday night as a chance to kick back and relax. I would have perhaps arranged to meet with friends in the local pub, or go out for a meal. Being social was my vice.

Nowadays my vice tends to be something far more simple. I rarely drink alcohol anymore, although I do enjoy a glass of wine on occasion. I limit my intake because I am breastfeeding my baby, and I am conscious that I cannot be a responsible parent if I have a hangover. But I used to binge drink. As a student I would be out all night Friday and Saturday, and usually Mondays and Thursdays too (student nights in the clubs). I would drink anything from alcopops to lager, shots to mixers. And I do enjoy a cocktail or two.


So I wouldn’t call alcohol my vice any more. No, my vice is now chocolate. And maybe coffee. And sweets. And crisps. OK, perhaps my vice should be classed as junk food! And yes, I know, that is not healthy for breastfeeding my baby either. The good news is that my breast milk will only ever contain the nutrients my baby requires. The bad news is that my body receives the rest. Therefore I have to eat consciously, and eat healthily if I am to be an effective parent.

But you know what? I will not give up my remaining vice. Chocolate is my daily treat. I don’t always eat it in ridiculously large quantities. I can exercise self-control when I need to. And sometimes my body simply refuses to take in any more junk food, and I find myself indulging in fruits and healthy snacks instead. Besides, some chocolate is actually good for you, right? What is your vice? What gets you through the working week?


Thank you for stopping by, now why not check out my fellow writers on the #AtoZChallenge? See you tomorrow!

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