#AtoZChallenge – The Joy of Discovering Junk

This may seem like an odd title for today’s #AtoZChallenge, but bear with me and I will explain. I allocate the letter J to junk, and by that I mean the idea of collecting items that other people might consider to be junk (or rubbish here in the UK). A more popular name for the habit of junk collecting is vintage, or maybe retro. In fact, there are lots of descriptions for this most exciting form of treasure hunting.

I have always been drawn to old items of interest, whether that means old buildings, old furniture, and old cornucopia; just about anything that has a story to tell. Anything that other people might call junk. I am never happier than when I take time out to visit my favourite local craft and antique centre, Dagfields, and when I go away on holiday I love to discover junk shops, antique centres and craft fairs.


Another junk shopping habit I indulge in is visiting charity shops. Since the decline of the UK high street in its traditional form, we have seen an explosion of charity shops in our towns. In my home town of Middlewich, for example, there are three charity shops on the main high street, and it is only a small town. These charity shops are excellent places, however, and I find lots of fantastic bargains in them.

While visiting my family this week I have revisited the charity shops in my former home town, and I was very pleased with some clothes I discovered in the Douglas Macmillan charity shop. I am now itching to revisit Dagfields, and actually to go further afield and explore the junk shops locally that I haven’t been to for a long time.


Thank you for stopping by, now why not check out my fellow writers on the #AtoZChallenge? See you tomorrow!

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10 Responses to #AtoZChallenge – The Joy of Discovering Junk

  1. My wife and I have very different opinions on what’s “junk” and what’s “charming.” Ergo, trips to antique/vintage/charity store never go well. It’s not that one of us is strictly for or against it. But what she thinks is “kitschy” I think is “I’m not paying for that” and what I think is “cool” she thinks “there’s no way in hell I’m bringing that into our house.” So… yeah.

    • Ha ha, that sounds familiar! In my case my husband actually collects junk (he is a Chartered Waste Manager), because his answer is always, “We can dismantle that broken toy/utensil/ornament and recycle the pieces…” Subsequently we get a pile-up of rubbish waiting to be dealt with, the most recent being our old bedroom mattress, which sat in our room for 6 weeks before he stripped it down and took it away.

  2. I did not realize High Street was declining. That’s such a shame.
    Visiting from the main A to Z Blog page. Great to meet you!
    Stephanie Faris

    • Yes it is, although in the last couple of years there have been people coming together in the communities to try and restore some of the shopping hub, with the introduction of monthly artisan markets and the like. I far prefer quirky, unique shops to those big retail chains we have become so reliant on. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My Mom and I typically spend a “girl’s day out” in the summer checking out charity shops and flea markets, followed by a nice lunch. I love looking for historical items in particular like old signs, photos, etc,

    • Oh yes, that is mine and my Mum’s favourite pastime as well! We did the trip to Dagfields for mine and her birthday treats, and will be looking for another girly day very soon.

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  5. Ha ha – add the word vintage and it makes ‘junk’ sexy doesn’t it! I have a secret charity shop habit for ‘vintage’ plates – we have at least 10 charity shops in Tewkesbury high street plus a weekly sale in the Scout hut. I also like the idea that these things have a story to tell. And you know you’re going to get something you couldn’t find anywhere else!

  6. Excellent. Vintage is one of my favorite themes.

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