My Home Renovation: Child’s Bedroom Update

Have you been following my home renovation project on the blog? I’ve been quiet for a few months, but that’s because we have been busy working in the background. We moved our attention upstairs and decided to renovate our elder daughter’s bedroom.  Read on to see what happened.

Ok, time for a recap.  We have lived in our 1950s semi-detached house for about three years. When we first moved in, we had to completely rewire and install a brand-new central heating system, removing the old water tank and back boiler that were older than my husband and me. Then we installed a multi-fuel stove in the living room. Then I stripped all the wallpaper from the living/dining room and our hall, stairs and landing and set about painting them. Then I had a short break. Then I removed the grotty old carpet from the living room and revealed our original parquet flooring. Phew!

And now the bedroom. Eventually we discovered that our younger daughter didn’t like sleeping in her bedroom alone. Her old sister also missed the company as they had shared a bedroom in our old house. They wanted to be together again. This prompted the bedroom renovation. My husband had promised our elder daughter that we would create a modern bedroom that would see her through her teenage years. We stripped the wallpaper and painted the walls grey using a satin paint that I found in our local Community Repaint centre. I then painted the skirting boards and door to brighten them up as the original white paint had yellowed over time.

We ordered a new, grey carpet, and when we had the old carpet removed, we discovered an original receipt underneath, proving that the carpet was also older than my husband and me. This house is vintage! I love finding these little nuggets of social history and have kept the original receipt along with the paperwork that we inherited for the old back boiler. I took down the curtains and washed them, and when I put them back up, they looked quite nice against the grey. My daughter decided to keep them for now, until she finds suitable replacements.

Then came the furniture. I have to say that I am grateful to my husband for embracing the enormous DIY task that ensued. We wanted decent, hard-wearing furniture that can stay put for many years. There was an old fitted wardrobe and dressing table in the bedroom when we moved in, and just removing that gave a sense of space and light because it was a dark wood that had been popular in the 1970s and 80s. We replaced it with a large, double wardrobe from Bensons, complete with sliding doors, one a full-length mirror, the other white gloss. It came with additional inserts, so it was a huge assembly task for my husband, but he managed it and now it looks lovely.

We chose a white wood bunkbed, also from Bensons, and it has a wider gap between the bottom and top bunk so is suitable for our ten-year-old daughter underneath and her eight-year-old sister on top. It proved to be another lengthy assembly job. Then came the white wooden desk from IKEA, slightly easier to build and perfect for doing homework on and for building LEGO projects. We ordered grey velvet swivel chairs for the girls, and they had to be slightly different. Our younger daughter chose a shell design chair, and our elder daughter chose one that was more upright. Finally, we added a cupboard for extra storage, also from IKEA. This was the most recent, and hopefully the last assembly project in our girls’ bedroom. We may add some shelves eventually, but they are not a priority right now. I think my husband deserves a break for Christmas!

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2 Responses to My Home Renovation: Child’s Bedroom Update

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I HAVE THAT WHITE IKEA DESK! But in black, with an extra roller drawer piece on the end. Can’t use it for anything other than storage since 2015 as I can’t see in a chair but still, it’s very cool.

    You certainly have been busy and I’m sure your daughter will love her new room for the years to come – you’ve done amazingly well with it! xx

    • Oh wow, she will love it when I tell her! Yes, she wanted a bedroom she could grow up in, my baby is no longer a baby. I am really proud of the job my husband and I did, and it was our first team effort in a good few years. 🙂

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