Losing a Family Pet

Today I am looking for a fresh start as we begin the working week full of optimism and high hopes. Last week was not the best for me, for various reasons. My pet turtle died, and I am grieving for him.

It is very different for me losing a turtle, to losing a dog. I have been processing my feelings over the weekend. I am sad, but I haven’t cried anywhere near as much as I did when my beloved Toby died. I suppose it is because the turtles are sort of distant. They live in a tank, they don’t speak, and they don’t like to be handled. They still communicate, however, in their own little way, and for that I will miss Duck (I also had a turtle called Crispin once upon a time – can you see the joke?!).

2 Pet Turtles SpookyMrsGreen

Tiny baby turtles 

What cheered me up was the outpouring of support from my friends on Instagram when I posted a photo at the weekend. We all make connections to our pets, whatever species, and we all recognise that special bond when we lose the pet. I still have one more turtle remaining, Ashton, although he really does not like to be handled and would rather be left alone. Let’s hope he stays around for a while longer. Have a happy week, my friends. Make it a good one!

Duck the Pet Turtle SpookyMrsGreen

Big, grumpy turtle!

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6 Responses to Losing a Family Pet

  1. scskillman says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of the death of your turtle, Catheirne. You are right, every one of our pets have a significant impact on our lives and we mourn them when we die. I remember how I felt at each time one of my pets died; whether budgie, rabbit, cat or dog. I wrote a poem for a dead mouse once!

  2. Caron Allan says:

    Can completely relate, having recently lost a beloved cat after many years – my office and desk are so empty without him.

  3. Sorry to hear about that, Mrs G. We don’t keep pets at the moment, but I know how much a part of life they can become. I get very angry when I read about animals being maltreated.

    • Thank you, Mike. Yes, I would happily adopt all the unwanted Staffies in England if I had the resources to care for them! My turtles came to me by accident when they were left homeless at the company where I used to work 🙂

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