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I do believe it is time to share SpookyMrsGreen with the wider world! My blog has developed very nicely during these past few years, and my experience and knowledge of social media along with it. To that end, I am now offering my services to companies and business professionals that might like to work with me.


What exactly do I write about, you might ask? Well. I will tell you! I write about spiritual living, being a pagan mother and ghost hunter, working with the natural environment and combining modern technology in a way that helps preserve our Earth, while still helping us to evolve.

I have separated my blog posts to incorporate my interests: Mummy Monday, Witchy Wednesday and Free-For-All Friday. That means I post parenting and family related blogs on a Monday, spiritual and esoteric blog posts on a Wednesday, and everything else on a Friday. This could include sponsored blogs, local events and activities, book related articles and personal interests.

Aside from this I am a dog lover, and an ambassador for Staffordshire Bull Terriers (my Baxter is a very precious rescued Staffy X). And I have a pet turtle and a goldfish, so pet product suppliers are always welcome to approach me for reviews and collaborations.

I am happy to host guest authors, and I will write reviews and sponsored posts if they fit with my theme (books, family, spiritual living). Feel free to get in touch, and let’s see what we can create together…

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