5 True Crime Novels That’ll Make You Question Everything!

Here are five true crime novels that explore the most important deaths, shootings, and killers of the last two decades.

From the tragic death of Princess Diana to the O.J. Simpson trial and the 2012 Colorado movie shooting, these books will give you an obsession for every detail of these famous cases.

5 True Crime Novels

1. Author of Written in Bone, B&N’s Nonfiction Pick of March, Sue Black’s first book All that Remains, is a thought-provoking memoir about death, solving crimes and our own mortality. Part guide on how to identify remains, part book that explores our relationship with death.

Book of the Year, 2018 Saltire Literary Awards and a CrimeReads Best True Crime Book of the Month, this nonfiction thriller is perfect for CSI junkies and true crime lovers.

Buy the book here: Amazon; Waterstones; WH Smith

2. Her death shocked the world and to some the mystery behind Diana’s tragic passing have never been answered. Was it an accident or an intentional killing?

In Diana: Case Solved, author Dylan Howard explores the beloved Princess’ death and uses official documents, Diana’s personal journals and interviews with investigators and witnesses to uncover the secrets behind this historical tragedy.

And, in a dramatic return to the Parisian streets where she met her fate, the two questions that have plagued investigators for over twenty years will finally be answered: Why was Diana being driven in a car previously written off as a death trap? And who was really behind the wheel of the mysterious white Fiat at the scene of the crash?

Buy the book here: Amazon; Waterstones

3. While he partied with celebrities and financial titans, that didn’t stop him from landing in jail accused of insider trading and financial fraud.

In Confessions of a Wall Street Insider, Michael Kimelman maintained his innocence and explored his former “Wolf of Wall Street,” lifestyle. Read how his actions led him to jail, and ultimately made him a better person.

“Stripped of family, friends, time, and humanity, if there’s ever a place to give one pause, it’s prison . . . Tomorrow is promised to no one.” – Michael Kimelman.

Buy the book here: Amazon; Waterstones

4. “A powerful book that delves deep into a seriously deranged mind.”—New York Journal of Books

His shooting killed or wounded over 70 people and after it was over, only one man was allowed to interview James Holmes and find out the answers behind his devastating actions.

Dr. William H Reid’s A Dark Night in Aurora is a unique look at the upbringing of a killer, including interviews with victims, family and Holmes himself. The book uses the twenty-three hours of unredacted interview transcripts never seen by the public and Reid’s research to bring the reader inside the mind of a mass murderer. The result is chilling, gripping study of abnormal psychology and how a lovely boy named Jimmy became a killer.

Buy the book here: Amazon; Waterstones

5. Using seventeen years of research by forensic experts, O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It is a book that intends to stir the pot and make readers question what they know about the famous O.J. trial.

To this day, the LAPD, Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, mainstream media, and much of the world at large remain firmly convinced that O. J. Simpson got away with murder.

Former police officer turned private investigator, William C. Dear made his career questioning cases and putting away killers. His book explores the overlooked suspect of O.J’s oldest son, Jason and how the American media ignored the truth in favour of a high-stakes televised trial.

Buy the book here: Amazon; Waterstones

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