Discover King Charles III Coronation Collection at English Heritage Shop

With the last coronation being in 1953, King Charles III coronation is extra special. Celebrate this year with our exclusive collection at English Heritage Shop, dedicated to the coronation of King Charles III.

This is a historic event to not miss; this range won’t be around for long so be sure to grab your exclusive design whilst you can. Shop the full collection here.

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)

King Charles III Coronation Collection

EH Coronation of King Charles III Tote Bag – A brightly illustrated tote bag that commemorates the coronation of King Charles III and is exclusive to English Heritage. Our Price £12.00. Shop now.

EH Coronation of King Charles III Tea Towel – Exclusively designed for English Heritage, this brightly illustrated tea towel is perfectly manufactured for any kitchen. Our Price £10.00. Shop now.

EH Coronation of King Charles III Mug – It doesn’t get more British than sitting down with a cup tea and what better mug to go for than the King’s Coronation mug. Our Price £10.00. Shop now.

King Charles III Crown Hanging Decoration – Beautifully stitched with gold thread and embellished in gold beads, this decoration has been designed specially to commemorate the King’s Coronation. Our Price £18.00. Shop now.

Socks Royal Set 4 Pairs – No sock collection is complete without this regal group designed by Chattyfeet. Featuring Wills Heels, Kate Middle-Toe, Hurry Feet and Meghan Ankle this royal gift box is perfect for any lover of the finer things in life. Our Price £30.00. Shop now.

The Sock Queen – Have your feet feel like royalty with this colourful and regal design from Chattyfeet. Our Price £9.00. Shop now.

Soldier Skittles – A traditional wooden skittle set with six skittles shaped like soldiers and a ball. A great game the whole family can enjoy playing. Our Price £10.00. Shop now.

King Gold Crown Notebook – Blue – Make others aware of your royal status with this king notebook. The faux leather-bound notebook has a 3D gold crown on the front with a silver jewel detail. Our Price £10.00. Shop now.

Betty Corgi – Betty Corgi, by Jelly Cat may not be royal but she’s just as elegant as any pampered pooch. This genial sweetie has ginger fur with creamy splodges, cloudy paws and a lovely inky nose. Our Price £24.00. Shop now.

Gold Crown – Embellished with colourful gems and designed with gold fabric to give a rich, royal look, you won’t go unnoticed wearing this crown. Our Price £10.00. Shop now.

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