7 Inspirational Books to celebrate Women’s History Month

Happy Women’s History Month! Below is a selection of fabulous O books written by women from all over the world. They share knowledge, experience, and love with the world through their writing. You can see my reviews for some of these books on the blog.

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And She Lived Happily Ever After: Because every woman deserves a happy ever after! by Deb Durbin

And She Lived Happily Ever After is an inspirational and motivational book for women, reminding them that they are in charge of their happy-ever-afterness and that they don’t have to adhere to societal rules and regulations if they don’t wish to. Inside these pages, Deborah Durbin covers more than thirty life tips and reminders, including building your own world profile, why it’s important to wait 24 hours before reacting, why it’s so important to surround yourself with radiators and not drains, and many more life lessons Durbin has learned over the years. These lessons are short and to the point and written in a style whereby the reader can dip in and out for a life lesson when it suits them.

Deborah Durbin has over 20 years’ experience working in print media for national magazines and newspapers as a freelance journalist and feature writer. She writes regularly for all the MBS magazine titles, Chat it’s Fate, Take a Break, and other UK & US magazines. She lives in Somerset, UK.

Buy the book: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Waterstones; WH Smith.

Healthy Models for Relationships: The Basic Principles Behind Good Relationships with Your Partner, Family, Parents, Children, Friends, Colleagues and All the Other People in Your Life by Barbara Berger

What do healthy relationships look like?

Most of the difficulties we face on a daily basis have to do with our relationships – be it with our partners, families, children, parents – or with our friends, neighbours or colleagues at work. This is why most of us really want to know how we can best get along with other people. What do healthy couple relationships look like? What do healthy families look like? What are the characteristics of respectful, constructive conversations? How can we best navigate through the challenges we meet in our daily lives and disagree with our friends, colleagues, and families in a respectful way without running away or going on the attack? Is it possible to speak respectfully and reach compromises which function for everyone involved? In short, what do healthy relationships look like?

American-born Barbara Berger is the bestselling author of fifteen self-empowerment books. After Barbara left the USA to protest against the Vietnam War in the 1960s, she settled in Scandinavia and continued her quest to learn more about the science of the mind, spirituality and psychology. Today, she gives workshops and coaching to help her clients harness the power of their own minds. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Buy the book: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Waterstones; WH Smith.

The Ripple of Awakening, A Mighty Companion on the Spiritual Awakening Journey by Ann-Marie Marchant

The book is about a spiritual awakening, what that means and looks like from the human perspective. It explores the highs, the lows, the commonalities, the phases and the stages and ways in which the reader can support themselves. It is real, raw, authentic, at times funny, certainly inspiring and full of hope.

Ann-Marie takes the reader’s hand and walks them step-by-step through the stages of their own healing journey and offers ways that can inspire them, with practical suggestions and practices such as prayer, meditation, self-enquiry, self-care, self-expression, forgiveness and inner-child healing.

At the heart of the book is a flushing out of the reader’s relationship, or lack of relationship, with God. Ann-Marie reveals how she went from a complete non-believer and came to eventually work for the big guy upstairs, being guided to become a multi-faith minister. She endeavours to de-funk the ego’s construct of God and inspire the reader to wake up to the love, peace, guidance, and joy that is waiting for them through their connection with the God of their own understanding.

Ann-Marie Marchant, former atheist, and control freak, now lives a life of divine guidance and grace. She is passionate about helping those who are ready to embrace a peaceful mind and open heart, and her first book ‘The Ripple of Awakening’ is the gift she offers to those who are ready and willing to remember the joy of who they truly are.

Buy the book: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Waterstones; WH Smith.

Simply Be More: Time preserved wisdom through fresh eyes by Clare Antonia Langan

Simply Be More is a collection of beautiful, inspiring and soothing sketches using animals and nature to illustrate time-preserved wisdom.

Life isn’t determined by where we have come from; it is where we are going that is important. Clare Langan has lived it – and rather than talked about it, has written it and now drawn it, too.

Clare Langan is an international flautist who has taken her communication skills as a performer to diverse audiences worldwide. She has pursued her passion for music her entire life but had an incessant calling to write a book. Covid 19 afforded her the time to complete ‘Living Each Day the Fortune Cookie Way’, and from that book sprang the idea of ‘Be More’. Clare lives in Bury St Edmunds, UK.

Buy the book: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Waterstones; WH Smith.

Soulphoria: A Provocative and Practical Approach to Spirituality by Alessandra Sagredo

Women everywhere are exploring their spirituality and having exciting, unfettered, euphoric experiences. Soulphoria is a mystical state of bliss that requires you to open the channels of your mind, body, and soul. Each forms a bridge for the energy of your spirit to fly forth like a phoenix and burn brightly in the present moment. It’s a heat that sears through you yet doesn’t burn, and instead fuels your love of life.

Alessandra has lived a dichotomy of two worlds: one of business (as a high level corporate consultant and successful business owner), and one of spiritual explorer, mystic and teacher. She has been privileged to touch thousands of lives over the years as a recording artist of guided meditations, a public speaker and retreat leader. She lives in Peachland, Canada.

Read my review for Soulphoria here.

Buy the book: Amazon US; Amazon UK;

To Sing with Bards and Angels: A Journey into the Creative Heart by Iona Jenkins

To Sing with Bards and Angels is an invitation to travel through landscapes evoked by beautiful language, into the heart of nature and imagination.

Step into the magic of a creative spiritual journey through the descriptive voice of a contemporary Bard, as she shares her quest to live and work in harmony with the Creative Spirit, writing her way into being, turning her life into poetry and story.

With help from an angel and a full moon shining on the ocean, Iona Jenkins blends this potion of inspiration from a treasury of memories, her love of wisdom, sacred places, native landscapes, legends, the arts and nature, all served in a cup of creative possibility for those aspiring to live with wisdom and soul as spiritual artists. A few sprinklings of practical suggestions, optional meditations and tasks are added to help readers discover inspiration flowing through the unique song of their own lives.

Iona Jenkins was a teacher, counsellor/psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist who became a writer and poet. Exploring growth and change through creativity, Iona’s Celtic path of art and soul finds inspiration in angels, wisdom, nature, land, and legend, living by the sea on the south coast of magical Wales.

Buy the book: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Waterstones; WH Smith.

Woman Through the Ages by Ann Merivale

Did you know that the first named piece of writing was the work of a Sumerian woman in approximately 2085 BC, while the world’s first novel was written by a Japanese woman in the eleventh century? Or that Hildegard of Bingen, the great twelfth century Abbess, writer, and composer, defied the Church’s traditions by viewing feminine sexuality as a gift of God? Or that one of China’s most powerful Emperors was a woman?

These are but a few examples of the facts in this autobiography with a difference, Woman Through the Ages. Author Ann Merivale, a deep-memory process therapist, has used previous lifetimes in her own history to illustrate the roles we all play in preparation for returning to the source whence we’ve come.

Skilfully weaving her personal story into each area and time period covered, Merivale highlights the injustices wrought on women for centuries, as well as their many achievements. Woman Through the Ages gives a fascinating and comprehensive picture of womanhood through the ages and concludes that the time for equality and greater respect for feminine energy is finally arriving.

Ann Merivale is a Woolger-trained Deep Memory Process therapist. She lives in Worcestershire and works at the Ripon Natural Health Centre in N. Yorks.

Buy the book: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Waterstones; WH Smith.

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