How to be Eco-Friendly for the Great British Spring Clean

We have officially entered the month of Spring and that signals the start of the Great British Spring Clean. Do you feel the urge to clean out those grubby corners of your home, sweep the floors, wash the blankets, and throw open the windows? Me too!

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Great British Spring Clean

I am always trying to use eco-friendly cleaning products in my home, and I have sampled several brands over the years. You can see my reviews here on the blog. I also like to share products from my affiliate partners, including a range of products from Care+Protect that you can find on Amazon.

With almost 8,000 reviews on Amazon alone, Care+Protect continues to be the preferred choice among homeowners.

The extensive range includes the 3-in-1 Limescale Remover & Degreaser & Hygienic Cleaner, which effectively combines descaling, degreasing, and hygiene into a single product. This removes limescale build-up, deeply cleans and removes mould and bad odours, extending the life of your appliances and reducing energy consumption by c15%*. It’s recommended for monthly use and comes in two-pack sizes with 12 or 4 single-use sachets.

They also offer the 100% Pure Essence Concentrated Laundry Perfume, which keeps your clothes fragrant for up to 5 weeks. Suitable for all types of fabrics, colours, and washing programs, this perfume is ideal for sportswear and produces an intense fragrance even after tumble drying. It’s available in three different fragrances and can be used for up to 20 cycles.

The Universal Descaler for Coffee Machines & Kettles removes limescale, as well as coffee and tea residues, ensuring the best aroma from your hot drinks. With monthly treatment recommended for efficiency, this product comes in handy single-use sachets and can be purchased for a low price starting at £6.

Additionally, they offer an Iron Liquid De-scaler that removes limescale, ensuring the high performance of your iron. The Degreaser for Ovens, Grills, and Barbecues quickly and effectively removes stubborn dirt such as oil and grease without damaging steel components.

Spring Clean Your Garden

It is important to Spring clean your garden, and you can start by sweeping up fallen leaves, dead branches and debris from storm damage. Remember to check for birds’ nests and small animals before you move large piles of garden waste, and put your rubbish in a compost bin. If you have a fire pit or indoor log burner, now is a good time to chop down branches and put the wood in a log store to be used next winter. Then you can cut the grass, tidy your hedges, and spruce the garden up.

While you are working in the garden, you could clean out the shed, the garage, and any outdoor storage areas that look a big shabby. I have weeding to do in my greenhouse, and it needs a good clear-out so I can plant some vegetables for summer. I also need to tend to my rockery. It used to be a strawberry patch, but the birds interfered and now it is wild garden waiting to be tamed. I have made a start on the “secret garden”, but it is still a work in progress.

Finally, you can Spring clean your patio, garden path and drive areas. These are often neglected, but I can tell you they look amazing after a pressure wash. My garden is block-paved, and it was looking quite grotty a couple of years ago. I employed a local tradesperson to help me, and when he had finish jet-washing the drive it looked bright and colourful. Even my friends were amazed when they saw it! I think it is due for a good spring clean, and maybe I could think about investing in a pressure wash system that can do the job when I need it.

Spring Clean in the Home

This is the time of year when I clear off my bookshelves to dust them thoroughly, sort through piles of paperwork and abandoned craft projects (darn kids!), and clean the insides of my windows. I have to clear the windowsills to reach the windows, and I usually end up balancing on chairs and worktops so I can reach the higher up areas. Since I bought a Shark vacuum cleaner last year I have been having lots of fun cleaning corners of my rooms that I wasn’t previously able to reach. My Shark is lightweight and easy to switch from upright vacuum cleaner to handheld nozzle. I also find the suction amazing, especially for all the dog and cat hair that accumulates on our bedding and sofa.

Do you have any tips or Spring-Cleaning hacks to share? Please comment below.

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