Best Easy-Care Plants to Bring Home #PlantPowerDay

Plant Power Day is all about the benefits of healthy eating and enjoying a plant-based diet. Plants are fantastic to have at home for all kinds of health reasons, from purifying the air, to clearing your skin, and simply to brighten your mood with their colours and textures. Here are some suggestions for the best easy-care plants to bring home.

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Best Easy-Care Plants to Bring Home

Beginners Green Plant Bundle. The perfect gift for the new plant parent, this bundle includes one Succulent, one Monstera plant and one Calathea. Available from M&S.

Emerald Palm. The perfect indoor plant to set the difference. Easily recognised by its intense green leaves with a glossy sheen, this Zamioculcas AZamiifolia is a hugely versatile plant that just need a good spot without direct sunlight. Available from Flower Station.

Lemon Rose. A beautiful yellow rose to brighten your mood and your space. Gift set available from Prestige Flowers.

Pineapple Plant. Did you know, it’s proven that Pineapple plants avoid snoring, so this plant is perfect to display on your bedside table. Gift available from Haute Florist.

Aloe Vera. Well known for its health benefits and beautiful appearance this stunning plant is the ideal plant for any home! They are very simple to care for as they require very little water only water when the soil has totally dried out, they also love a bright spot just not direct sunlight so a bathroom windowsill would be ideal for this plant. Available from 123 Flowers.

Herb Basket. Can grow sage, rosemary, and mint in your very own miniature kitchen garden. This planter comes displayed in a stylish basket with wooden markers. Available from M&S.

Proud to be Plant-Based

Just for fun, here are some of my favourite plant-based brands where you can show your support for Mother Earth and look good doing it!

Eco-Minded Goods from Coalatree. Clothing made from recycled and organic fabrics, fantastic quality and lots of choice. Shop now.

Ethical clothing for all the family from Little & Lively. Fashionable, conscious clothing for children & adults. Shop now.

Sassyspud: Ethically made, eco-friendly apparel with a dollop of sass. Created from a passion for Veganism and spreading awareness…but also from a deep love for Hummus. Shop now.

We are Aligne. We are fashion without compromise. We are always transparent. We are dedicated to sustainability. We are designed to last. We are ethical, now and always. We believe in creating contemporary collections you can always rely on. Shop now.

Vegan Outfitters: Clothing for the plant-based generation. Exclusive Discount: 5% off when you spend £50. Use code: SPOOKY5. Shop now.

Kind Clothing: Our mission is to make clothing that makes you happy and the planet happy! Exclusive Discount 5% off when you spend £50. Use Code: SPOOKY5. Shop now.

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