Stay Healthy this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can sometimes be another opportunity to fall off the healthy band wagon.

With chocolates, alcohol and other sweet treats lining the supermarket shelves, it can be easy to indulge in sugary snacks yet again. To try and keep your Valentine’s Day as healthy as possible, we have put together some food tips and treats which will allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without being too unhealthy.

1. Choose dark chocolate

If you absolutely have to indulge in chocolate on Valentine’s Day, then take the healthier option of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is seen to be somewhat of an antioxidant, so instead of opting for milk or white chocolate, choose the chocolate which will be more beneficial towards your health this Valentine’s season.

2. Try ‘healthy cookies’

That’s right, you can still cook up some homemade Valentine’s Day cookies but try using an alternative recipe which is lower in sugar and higher in protein and fibre. There are many recipes on the web for sugar-free protein cookies – so why not have a quick search for the perfect recipe and bake a guilt-free treat for you and your partner to enjoy.

3. Protein pancakes

If you’re planning to rustle up a Valentine’s Day breakfast for that special someone, how about ditching the fry-up in favour of protein pancakes? The internet is full of recipes that will allow you to cook up the same breakfast favourite, but with a much more appealing, nutritional value. It will leave you feeling guilt-free about that Valentine’s Day morning meal, whilst giving you enough energy to power through the entire day.

4. A different box of chocolates

If you had a box of chocolates in mind, why not switch it up with the healthier option of a fruit chocolate box? Try melting dark chocolate and dipping either strawberries, raspberries, or oranges. Once you have done, place them in a heart shaped box and hand them over as you would a normal box of chocolates. It works as a perfect Valentine’s Day treat but with a fraction of the calories!

5. Opt for a spritzer

A bottle of wine, or a glass of champagne, are popular favourites during a Valentine’s Day meal. But if you are looking to cut the calories, why not opt for a wine spritzer instead of a full glass of wine? It means you can still enjoy a little tipple on the 14th of February, whilst only consuming half of the calories a typical glass of wine holds!

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