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Edelweiss is a rare mountain flower that grows in Alpine environments. It produces its own antioxidant, called leontopodic acid and it is this antioxidant that allows the flower to protect itself from harsh environmental aggressors, helping it to survive and thrive on the mountainside. What’s more, our new edelweiss extract has been proven to be more powerful than well-known antioxidants on the market such as retinol.


Around 80% of the daily damage that our skin goes through is caused by environmental aggressors like pollution, gases and dust particles, which are not exclusive to the outdoors, but inside our homes as well**. Daily exposure to these aggressors can take a toll on the complexion, causing skin to feel dry, dull and sapped of vibrance. So, how do you protect your skin against the impact of these aggressors?

That’s where edelweiss comes in. Remember how it thrives against all odds on the mountainside? Since this tiny flower is such a master of resilience, we made it the superstar ingredient in our Edelweiss range.


Based on our legendary Drops of Youth™ formulas, but now they’re even better, enriched with double the concentration of Edelweiss. Meet your secret weapon to stronger, smoother-looking skin.*** Shop Edelweiss skincare now.


Made with 99% ingredients of natural origin, just a few drops leave skin looking smoother and plumped with 24hr moisture.*** Plus, it helps protect skin from indoor and outdoor pollution. Shop now.


Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, our Liquid Peel helps to gently exfoliate and lift away pollutants, leaving skin looking smoother, more luminous and feeling fresher.**** Shop now.


Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, it only takes a tiny dollop to smooth the appearance of fine lines and leave skin plumped with 48hr moisture.***** Shop now.

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*Retinol expressed as Retinol acetate. The radical protection factor (RPF) was measured in vitro by electron spin resonance. ** ***Skin that looks plump with moisture, with a smooth surface. Skin looks re-energised and refreshed. ****User trial results over a 4-week period: 117 women aged 25-40. *****User trial results over a 4-week period: 113 women aged 25-40. ******This is an affiliate article.


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