January Gardening Tasks that will Help You Keep Your New-Year Goals

For the last decade, January has carried a lot of responsibility. Being the beginning of every year, people set goals and expectations for the start of the month. This has led to the naming of Dry January, Veganuary or Blue January. The idea is to leave the bad habits back in the previous year and start fresh. However, some habits are better to stay in the year following. Such is gardening, which by the way, will help you improve your physical and mental health. 

Despite January being the middle of the winter, some gardening tasks cannot wait. Doing these will keep you sober while spending time outside in the cold. 

The month of pruning 

It is good to prune some fruit trees and bushes in January. Such are apple and pear trees, rose bushes, wisteria, rhododendrons, honeysuckle, currant plants and gooseberries. Remove any dead or diseased branches from trees and bushes and leave up to 3 buds for flowers. Doing these in the winter while they are still dormant is crucial. 

New-year’s enthusiasm put into cleaning

Cleaning and decluttering have always positively changed one’s mental health. While still having the energy to do such tasks, it’s good to do the following:

  • Clean any pots
  • Clean any tools
  • Clean the greenhouses 
  • Clean water butts 
  • Clean bird feeders 

All these will help you prepare for the spring when the job is much more. 

Clearing and checks are crucial 

Removing any yellowing leaves and rotting roots from your plants will help you keep their good health. Make sure you check for faded flowers, signs of rot and deterioration. 

In addition, it is essential to check if the climbing shrubs are still securely attached,  tidy up perennials, cut off any foliage, and clear any soggy leaves, algae and moss from your patio, decks and paths. 

Remember to check any equipment you have, the loan mower, tools, greenhouse gutters, and others. 

Plan the rest of the year  

Given that gardening is a whole-year assignment, it is better to plan all your tasks at the beginning of the year. Plan what seeds, plants, shrubs and trees you would like to order to plant later. Plan your bedding and plots. 

If anything, tool or equipment,  needs replacement or repair, plan these as well. Schedule them throughout the year, so you will have them ready for use when the time comes. 

The outcome

While gardening is a spectacular hobby that has helped many people through the years, it still needs commitment. It is a job that never ends. However, it is a grateful one. Taking care of anything and seeing it bloom and giving fruits teaches you much about taking care of yourself. 

Planning your year and starting with a few tasks will lead to better time management and a healthier garden. 

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*Article provided by Pol Bishop, horticulturist and gardening expert at Fantastic Services. His expertise includes everything garden related – from lawns and landscaping to dealing with pests, plant diseases and more. In response to an article by BBC.

**Article contains affiliate links


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