Revealed: The most Popular Sex Positions in each UK City

  • In London, the Speedbump is the most searched for sex position
  • Missionary comes in second
  • Cowgirl is the third most popular 

Research by sex experts analysed Google trends data on 17 sex positions to reveal which ones are the most popular in each UK city.

The most searched-for sex positions in London are as follows: The Top 5 positions in each UK city can be seen in the ‘Ends’

  1. Speedbump – This position is a simple version of doggy-style where the person below lies on their stomach, typically with a pillow underneath them.
  1. Missionary – The Christian church deemed missionary as the only appropriate way to procreate as it is one of the more conservative positions. In the modern day, its benefits are that it is seen as the most intimate position, extremely up close and personal, increasing connection through eye contact. It is also one of the least intimidating positions due to the lack of effort needed to put one another in this position and carry on the sexual act.
  2. Cowgirl – New research has revealed that this position is to blame for half of all penile fractures that occur during sex – a position not for the faint hearted. It is an extension of missionary, however in this scenario the person ‘on top’ is in the ‘superior’ position where they typically control the movements. 

A spokesperson for commented on the findings: “Discussions around sex and pleasure have moved forward in recent times and allow us a comfortable space to educate ourselves and to explore our interests.  

Missionary is seen as a more intimate position as it is face-to-face, however the interest for more acrobatic and ‘distant’ positions such as speed bump and cowgirl are very common across all UK cities. Many positions can be enhanced or adapted by the use of sex toys. 

It is important for couples to discuss what works best for each other when it comes to sex and this analysis highlights that across the UK residents are searching for a range of positions to potentially try out.”

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*This research was carried out by, an information website on exploring pleasure, product reviews, how-to guides and a wide selection of carefully curated sex toys and accessories.

**Article contains affiliate links

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