Cast a Spell to Invoke New Energy and Improve Your Mood

Do you feel sluggish this month? Does it feel like Groundhog Day as you go about your daily routine? Maybe now is a good time to invoke new energy and improve your mood to embrace change and new adventures.

You could cast a spell to invoke new energy, and now is the perfect time of year. In the Western Hemisphere, January is generally cold, dark, and miserable. We feel tired and we lack motivation to work. It is difficult to spend time outside, so we miss the fresh air and the warmth of the sun.

What can we do to improve our mood?

If you are interested in witchcraft, you could cast a spell to invoke new energy. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Witches traditionally worked with ingredients and props that were easy to access. This could be items that we use in the home, such as candles and brooms. The kitchen is a good place to work spell craft because you have collections of pots, kettles, and ingredients to use.

You could create a special soup infused with seasonal herbs and vegetables, and bless it with new energy as we move towards Imbolc. When you eat the soup, focus on feeling warm, fresh energy soaking into your body and mind. Make a ritual from the process of preparing and cooking, and then from the eating of the meal. You could write a short poem to be used as an incantation, and this will add power to your spell, making it personal and unique.

How can we calm our minds when we feel depressed?

Sometimes the simplest remedies for low moods can be the most effective. Candle magic is something that I personally turn to when I feel depressed or anxious. I choose a coloured candle to correspond with my mood, and if I don’t have specific coloured candles in my collection, I will use a white candle or a black candle and invoke the energy that I feel is needed.

All you need to do is light the candle, sit quietly, and focus on watching the flame as it flickers and moves. Notice how it lengthens and shortens, look for subtle changes in the colour of the flame. Watch the wax soften and roll down the stick of the candle. And then notice what random thoughts or ideas float into your mind. You can include crystals into your spell, placing them around the candle holder or on your body if you feel drawn to. Trust your intuition and allow it to guide you towards the tools and props that will help in this meditation session.

Write down anything you feel is important to remember, and record what you experience during your candle magic spell casting session. If you have a specific goal to achieve, make sure that you request help if you want it. If you are seeking resolution to a situation, now is a good time to call for it to end so that you can move on to something new. Our minds are powerful. We need to utilise them.

Where to get the best witchcraft tools and equipment

If you want to build a collection of tools for witchcraft, you don’t need to look in obscure places. They are available everywhere, even in your local supermarket or discount store. I can usually buy packs of household candles for a few pounds in the shop on my local high street.

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