Kiss a Ginger Day!

Today is “Kiss a Ginger” day! My husband is happy to celebrate, and I am proud to be a natural ginger. Well, I call it auburn, but let’s go with the common term.

I found a cool T-shirt in Edinburgh last year that reads: ‘Justice for Gingers.’ I had to buy it for fun, and now I keep seeing ginger-themed merchandise in random places. When I was a teenager I got bullied for being a gingernut. Now I wear my hair with pride, I have never coloured it, and I like to keep it in the best condition. A shaman once told me that I wear my red bonnet for a reason, and that phrase sticks in my mind as I go about my daily business.

In honour of Kiss a Ginger Day, here is a selection of ginger-themed products that I recommend:

  • My Vampire Boyfriend (The Redcliffe Novels) by Catherine Green (yes, that is me, your favourite ginger-haired paranormal author) – shop now.
  • Witchy Spice Feminist T-Shirt from The Spark Company.
  • The Only Difference Is Perception Ethical Vegan T-Shirt (Unisex) from Vegan Outfitters.
  • Ginger haircare range from The Body Shop.
  • Dotty About Paper General Birthday Ginger Beard Card from WH Smith.
My Vampire Boyfriend (The Redcliffe Novels)

Your Exclusive Special Offers

I have included links to my favourite affiliate brands in this article. Here are some exclusive special offers that you can use to support your favourite ginger-haired lifestyle blogger:

Vegan Outfitters: Shop Our Veganuary Sale at Vegan Outfitters. Get 10% off with code VEGANUARY23. Shop now.

The Body Shop: Up to 50% off + 3 for 2 on Sale products. Shop now.

The Spark Company: Exclusive 5% off everything. Use code: SPOOKYPRIDE5. Shop now.

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2 Responses to Kiss a Ginger Day!

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Hahaha love it! I was really glad when more ginger-haired celebs came to the forefront as powerful, beautiful & talented actors and actresses. I never understood the mickey taking around being ginger. It’s just like being blonde or brown, right? Really weird that way back when someone decided that it wasn’t cool to be ginger and it caught on. Utterly stupid really and I’m sorry you got bullied for it. I’m brown but I’ve spent many years being faux ginger when my red hair dye faded out! Not sure that counts but there we go 😂


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