Cats Rule the Earth Tarot Card Reading

I recently reviewed the Cats Rule the Earth Tarot card deck and guidebook, and today I share with you a reading that I did using the cards. See if it resonates with you.

Cats Rule the Earth Tarot Card Reading

Cats Rule the Earth Tarot is loosely based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot card deck. In the guidebook there are suggested Tarot card readings based on the cards. I chose a reading called the Cat’s Paw Spread, which used 5 Tarot cards from the deck.

Q: Am I focusing my energies in a useful direction?

1: Where are you now – 9 of Pentacles. You have everything that you need to live comfortably. Your home is safe and secure, you are fed, and you are content. But something is missing, there is one more hurdle to clear. What could that be?

2: Where you are headed – 10 of Pentacles. Everything that is needed is available to you. In fact, you have it all right now, but are you not seeing it clearly? Look at your situation from the outside. It seems complete and wholesome. And it can be.

3: External forces – Page of Pentacles. You are keen to try something different, maybe train in a new profession or specialist subject. While your instinct to act is high, please stop for a moment and consider where you are. Would this new idea or plan really benefit you in the long term? Or would it distract from what you truly need or want to focus on?

4: Inner forces – 8 of Pentacles. There is a lot more work to do if you truly want to master your craft. Remember what drove you this far, and where you want to go next. You have extensive knowledge already, but do you apply it correctly?

5: Advice or outcome – Knight of Pentacles. You have done as much as you can by yourself. Now you may welcome support and help from a reliable young person who understands what needs to be done. Accept their guidance and you will benefit.


This tarot card reading did not seem to resonate properly with me at first. Having left it for a few weeks and returned to the reading, and following new conversations with different people, I am beginning to see the guidance and where it may lead. Does it make sense to you and your place in the world? Please comment below.

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