Winter Solstice: Expert Shares Tips to Recharge after Work

Solstice Blessings, my pagan friends, and a very merry Yule! Perhaps you are feeling a little low today and can’t understand why. Check out these tips on how to boost your mood during the dark days of the year.

In a bid to boost our mood, Chris Ashton at The Sun Vegas has discovered why our energy tends to be lower when it’s dark, offering the very best ways to recharge after work, including the types of activities and foods to eat.

Why does our energy tend to be lower when it’s dark?

When it’s dark, the body releases a hormone called melatonin from the brain’s pineal gland, signalling that it’s time to feel drowsy. Light plays a huge part in our life as it controls our desire to sleep. The amount of light you are exposed to is tuned in with your body’s internal clock. 

How to recharge during dark gloomy days

During dark gloomy days, it’s important that you make some small adjustments to your lifestyle to help with recharging. You need to recharge your personal battery by taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. You need to put yourself and your body first, so why not take a bath after work with some Epsom salt to help reduce any stress or have a five-minute stretch after work to clear your mind and reset.

Having something to look forward to on the weekend is a great way to make sure you are still having fun. Many people end up sitting in front of the TV because they feel tired due to the evenings getting dark early. Sitting in front of the TV can get you down so why not plan a weekend trip, meet up with old friends or get outside in the fresh air and explore where you can. 

Best activities to recharge in winter?

With the dark evenings, you can use this time to focus on yourself. You need to find activities that can help you unplug and stop worrying about things at work or in your personal life. You can start by listening to a podcast and letting the conversation distract you, whilst also relaxing your body as you listen. 

During the pandemic many of us fell in love with doing jigsaw puzzles, so why not dig them back out. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to unwind and recharge, they help keep your attention off of anything other than the puzzle itself. If you get a big enough puzzle it will also give you something to look forward to throughout the week as each day you will be motivated to complete it. 

Best foods to eat to recharge?

To help maintain energy levels throughout the day make sure your diet contains the five food groups in a moderate amount – fruit and veg, starchy whole grain carbohydrates; beans, pulses, fish, eggs and meat and other protein sources; dairy products and alternatives; and oils and spreads.

Bananas can be a great food for energy, they are an excellent source of carbs, potassium and vitamin B6 which all help increase energy levels. 

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*Article provided by The Sun Vegas

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