Brits’ favourite Christmas jumper inspired by Christmas films, revealed 

  • The Dr. Seuss classic Grinch is the UK’s most popular Christmas jumper inspired by a Christmas movie 
  • is the second most popular Christmas jumper  
  • and Gremlins are the third and fourth most popular Christmas movie jumpers.   


A new study reveals the most popular Christmas jumpers inspired by Christmas movies, with jumpers themed from Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch being the most popular.  

The research conducted by Boohoo analysed the monthly UK search volume for the Christmas movie-themed clothing to establish which Christmas jumper is the most sought-after this festive season. 

The Grinch 

The most popular Christmas jumper is none other than Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch. Searches for the term Grinch Christmas jumper average 4,700 times per month in the United Kingdom, proving how much fans are willing to be seen wearing a Grinch-themed jumper.  

The Grinch first hit screens as a TV special on CBS in December 1966, which featured the green cartoon storybook character causing mayhem in the world of Whoville. Then, in the year 2000, Jim Carrey took on the role of the Grinch and brought Whoville to the big screens in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The most recent film within the Grinch franchise, The Grinch, was released in 2018 as an animated adaptation of the Christmas classic.   

Die Hard 

The second most popular Christmas movie jumper is worn by Karl Vreski, portrayed by Alexander Godunov, in Die Hard. Karl is the film’s main antagonist’s right-hand man and the only character not killed by John McClane (Bruce Willis) in the movie. The Christmas jumper in question is a grey knitted number with ‘Now I Have a Machine Gun – HO HO HO’ written on the front, paired with a Santa hat.  

Searches for Die Hard Christmas jumper receive 2,400 searches per month, on average. Many speculate whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie due to its action/thriller genre, which caused the writer to note that the film is set at a Christmas party during the holidays and features many Christmas songs, meaning it is a Christmas film. 

Home Alone 

The 1990 classic Home Alone places third in the rankings, which features a young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) who is accidentally left home alone at Christmas time and faced with scaring off two burglars from breaking into his house. During the film, Kevin looks cosy in a few different winter knits, but the most iconic is the heathered red knit that surprisingly can hold his entire weight when he is hung on a coat hook. Despite the red knit not being the craziest of prints, it hasn’t stopped film fans from wanting to get their hands on a Home-Alone themed jumper for themselves. 

Searches for ‘Home Alone Christmas Jumper’ average 1,600 searches per month in the UK. 



Fourth place in the rankings goes to Gremlins, released in 1984 and follows the shenanigans and destruction forced upon the small town of Kingston Falls, by a horde of mischievous monsters. The comedy-horror, written by Home Alone director Chris Columbus, is an unusual tale for a Christmas movie but presents some of the most valued messages common in holiday films, such as the importance of loyalty and kindness. 

Searches for ‘Gremlins Christmas Jumper’ average 1,000 searches per month in the UK, proving just how popular the miniature furry beasts are and how much fans want to rock a green Gremlin-themed jumper.

Arthur Christmas 

The 2011 animated family-adventure film Arthur Christmas places fifth in the rankings and is undoubtedly a film for all ages. The film’s overall premise is to answer the most important question of them all: how does Santa deliver everyone’s presents in one night? The film’s budget is estimated to have been $100 million (£81 million) and ended up seeing $147 million (£120 million) worldwide gross. 

Searches for ‘Arthur Christmas Jumper’ average around 750 searches per month in the UK; despite the show being an animated film, the main character Arthur (James McAvoy), rocks some festive and colourful jumpers throughout the film.  

A spokesperson from Boohoo commented on the findings: “Christmas movies are the ultimate way to get into the Christmas spirit. With office parties, family photos and Christmas jumper competitions taking over this time of year, it is exciting to see just how many of our most iconic and beloved films influence our Christmas wardrobes and how many people want to get their hands on a festive-themed jumper”. 

The most iconic Christmas movie jumpers in the UK 


            Rank         Movie         Search Term         Average Monthly Searches 
        1     Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch     Grinch Christmas Jumper     4,700 
        2     Die Hard     Die Hard Christmas Jumper     2,400 
        3     Home Alone     Home Alone Christmas Jumper     1,600 
        4     Gremlins     Gremlins Christmas Jumper     1,000 
        5     Arthur Christmas     Arthur Christmas Jumper     750 

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*Article provided by Boohoo.

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2 Responses to Brits’ favourite Christmas jumper inspired by Christmas films, revealed 

  1. I’m not a fan of Christmas jumpers, but I love that Grinch one! I didn’t even know you could get movie-inspired Christmas jumpers.
    Love the Sleigh the Patriarchy one too!

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