Resilience Alchemy Tarot Card Reading

I recently reviewed the Resilience Alchemy Tarot card deck and guidebook, and today I share with you a reading that I did using the cards. See if it resonates with you.

Resilience Alchemy Tarot Card Reading

The guidebook explains that Resilience Alchemy is not the same as traditional Tarot cards. It suggested a reading where you think of a question or something you need guidance with, you shuffle the cards, and you select one card from the deck, which is your guiding card. Then you create a spread based on the guidance from that card, as read in the guidebook. I thought about my career situation and my current lifestyle, since I am feeling a little bored and ready for some excitement in the new year. I don’t know what I need to do, so I asked Resilience Alchemy for advice.

Guiding Card: Overlook – 6th Place Remedy – Look at the bigger picture and study it closely to find what I am missing.

The Overlook Card Spread

Q1: In what area might I need to take a step back and get a wider view?

A:  Haecceity – 10th Gift – Unique Individual. Remember that you are unique, there is nothing about yourself that you need to change. You belong in the world just as you are.

Q2: What might I discover when I look down from above (as read from The Overlook guiding card)?

A: Reveler – 21st Sister – She invites us to find pleasure. Find something that gives me pleasure and then indulge in the practise. What will fuel my passion today? Rediscover the fun side of life and enjoy it.

Q3: What can help me to see the whole and not the parts?

A: Pathway – 11th Place Remedy – Keep walking. I have not yet reached my destination and I’m ok with that. I am still creating my way in the world. Do I feel drawn down a certain path today? Follow it and see where it leads.

Q4: How might the Overlook help me to face the unexpected or unknown?

A: Wildwoman – 20th Sister – She leads us into the forest. Throw off the shackles of conformity, leap away from your restrained self. Now is the time to be wild. Trust your wild instincts. What is waiting to be unleashed within yourself?

Q5: What challenges does the Overlook offer me?

A: Calling – 9th Gift – Fulfil your calling. Now is the time to do that thing that calls to you, that whispers in your mind, that shows itself wherever you look. You can do it today. Answer the call.

Q6: How might visiting the Overlook foster my resilience?

A: Accept – 12th Hand Remedy – Transition. It will show me what I need to accept about myself and that I am much more than my physical parts. This temporary experience will offer new wisdom and new insight that I can add to my greater understanding.

Q7: What lies just beyond my line of sight?

A: Free Will – 8th Gift – Celebrate your free will! My mind and my body belong to me, and I decide what to do with it. Yes, there have been things beyond my control but ultimately I decided how to respond to those things. What is the next thing that I can choose to respond to (or not)? It is wonderful to have free will.

Q8: What can be a tool or ally as I stand on this Overlook?

A: Interdependence – 7th Gift – We are all connected. You may think that you are solitary but behind you stands a large and sturdy support network. They are there to help, you only need to ask. As they help you, so you help them. It is a back-and-forth relationship that you can always rely on.

Q9: What can help me to honestly take stock of my work situation?

A: Excitement – 3rd Heart Remedy – Finding direction. Look at what excited me about my work. I love the freedom to be creative, to work to my own schedule, to choose where best to use my skills. Rekindle the joy of writing.


I did this reading a few weeks ago and decided to sit with it, give the guidance time to sink in to my subconscious. I am the kind of person that likes to try and control my destiny. For example, I have tried to apply for alternative jobs locally to supplement my meagre income, but so far, I am not receiving replies from the employers. Thinking about my work situation now, I realise that I am happy being an independent, creative freelancer, and there are lots of opportunities to diversify. I am considering something right now that makes perfect sense when I read the answers in this Tarot card spread. Does it ring true for you? Please comment below.

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