New Product Alert! Planet Friendly Poo Bags from Pooch & Mutt

This one is for the dog parents out there! If you are anything like me, you walk around with pockets full of poo bags but there’s always that one day, usually on the school run, when the dog does his business, and you have nothing with you to poop-scoop the mess. Oh yes, I am that school-run mum, the one with the crazy dog! Anyway, here is a new product alert from one of my affiliate partners.

We have an exciting NEW product here at Pooch & Mutt…our planet friendly poo bags are now available to order.

Here’s a little about our poo bags:

Our eco-friendly poo bags are made from plastic bottles! 75% of our material comes from post-consumer recycled waste and 25% of this is natural oyster waste. Inside each box are 8 rolls, each roll consisting of 15 strong and durable bags (and thankfully, each bag is 100% leak proof!😅). £5.95 for one-off purchase – shop now.

Save up to 30% when you subscribe

Save up to 30% on the cost of your order when you start a subscription with Pooch & Mutt. Click here for details.

Up to 5% off Superfood Bundles

Save up to 5% on RRPs when you shop by age and choose the Superfood bundles for dogs. Choose from Puppy, Adult or Senior – shop now.

8% off the Joint Care bundle for dogs

Save 8% on RRP when you buy the Joint Care bundle for dogs. Includes 2kg Joint Care Dry Food and a 200g pouch of Mobile Bones Supplement – both formulated with natural ingredients to help improve mobility in dogs. Shop now.

6% off the Skin & Coat Bundle for dogs

Save 6% on RRP when you buy the Skin & Coat bundle for dogs. Includes 2kg grain-free Soft & Shiny dry food, 500ml Salmon Oil Supplement and 7x packs of Skin & Coat Meaty Treats – all formulated with natural ingredients to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. Shop now.

7% off the Health & Digestion Bundle

Save 7% on RRP when you buy the Health & Digestion Bundle for dogs including 2kg Digestion Dry Food, a 200g pouch of Bionic Biotic Supplement and 6x pack of Digestion mini-bone treats – all formulated with natural ingredients to target gut health. Shop now.

5% off the Calming Bundle

Save 5% when you buy the Calming Bundle, perfect for anxious or excitable dogs. Includes 2kg Calm & Relaxed Dry food and 7x packs of Calming Meaty Treats. Shop now.

5% off the Puppy Bundle

Save 5% with the Puppy Complete Bundle, perfect for all your puppy needs. Contains the following; 1.5KG Complete grain-free dry food 12 x Packs of complete grain-free wet food 1 x 100g Tub of daily care supplement. Shop now.

Dry Food for Cats only £9.99

Did you know Pooch & Mutt do dry food for cats too? Try a 1.5kg bag of Purr & Miaow for £9.99. Shop now.

Earn PoochReward Points – Get money off future orders when you create an account with Pooch & Mutt.

Get free delivery on orders over £39.99

Your EXCLUSIVE Influencer Discount Codes

 Save an extra 5% off subscription orders for life using this voucher code: AFSUBSCRIBE22

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