Learn More About Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is not just a problem affecting middle aged men and is becoming an increasingly common complaint amongst women. It can be distressing and have a huge impact on self-image and confidence levels.

So, what causes hair loss in women?

Menopause and hair loss – Oestrogen also plays a part as Oestrogen prolongs the growth phase of the hair (2), which means hair loss may be more pronounced after Menopause.

Hormone imbalances – Both an underactive and overactive thyroid gland can contribute to hair loss, particularly if the condition has been ongoing and undetected for a long time. The hair loss is usually diffuse and involves the whole scalp.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is important for hair growth. Studies have shown that in people with form of rickets whereby the body fails to recognise Vitamin D, there was resultant hair loss from scalp and body (3).

How is hair loss different for women?

To understand this its crucial to understand the lifecycle of a hair. Each of the ca.100,000 hairs on the head independently goes through a growth cycle consisting of three phases: anagen (3–6 years), catagen (1–2 weeks), and telogen (2–4 months). Anagen is the growth phase, catagen is a transitional phase and telogen is a resting phase after which the hair falls out. (2) The hairs on a person’s head are all at different stages in this cycle so that only 10% would be in the telogen phase at one time. Its normal to lose approximately 100 hairs per day.

Telogen Effluvium – This occurs when a trigger causes an increased number of hairs to enter the telogen or resting phase. These hairs are then shed all at once 2-3 months later.

Triggers can include: Sudden and severe illness, Surgery, Stress, Excessive weight loss – crash diets, Severe stress, Some drugs, Childbirth, Iron deficiency and Thyroid Disorders

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