How to be Still in a Busy World

Christmas is fast approaching, school finishes next week, and party season is underway. Do you need some quiet time amidst the chaos? Here are some tips on how to be still in a busy world.

How to be Still in a Busy World

1. Switch off the radio or TV, put your phone on silent, and sit still for just 5 mins. Maybe your children are running around, or you have crazy pets causing a disturbance. It doesn’t matter. I have the same situation, but I have learned to shut it out and be still when I need to, even if it is only for 5 minutes of my day.

2. Book a relaxing reiki treatment with your local practitioner. If you live in Cheshire, England, you could book a treatment session from me! You could book a distance reiki healing treatment for wherever you are in the world. You can order reiki treatment gift cards for friends and family if you want to share the healing love. They make great birthday presents, anniversary gifts or something to say that you care. Order gift cards online now.

3. Do some yoga at home. There are lots of free video tutorials available online, and you can book online yoga classes with some practitioners. If you need the equipment, some meditation music, or a little help getting started, there are plenty of available resources, including Complete Unity Yoga (one of my affiliate partners).

4. Read a book or magazine. If you don’t want to meditate or feel uncomfortable with alternative healing practices, you can simply read a book or a magazine. It can be something light-hearted or humorous, or whatever you need to escape from the stresses of daily life for a short time. You could drink hot chocolate or relaxing tea while you are reading and give yourself some alone time.

5. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath. Use your favourite bubble bath, add some relaxing essential oils to your bath, or simply enjoy plain hot water. It will soothe your aching body, relax your mind, and leave you feeling a little bit better than you were before. Try lighting some candles to replace bright electric lighting, and maybe play meditation music while you take time out.

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