28 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Do you want to find the best eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas? Check out my list of 28 eco-friendly gift ideas and grab those Cyber Monday deals while you can.

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)

28 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

1. Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone massage facial tool £15 from The Body Shop.

2. Personalised water bottle £25 from WakeCup.

3. Rainbow Logo Vegan Hoodie (Unisex) was £39 now £31.20 from Vegan Outfitters.

4. Vita E™-Intense Moisturizing, Megadose Vitamin E Body Butter £24.91 from Nature’s Skin and Body.

5. Eternal Optimist T-Shirt £19 from Kind Clothing.  

6. Recycled Paper Block Printed Notebook £7.99 from Oxfam Online Shop.  

7. Personalised WAKEcup Travel Mug £25 from WakeCup.

8. Breathe Calm Balm, to relieve stress and symptoms of the cold virus. £10 From The Body Shop.

9. Natural Clay Exfoliating Soap Bar Citrus £7.49 from Nature’s Skin and Body.

10. Recycled Leather A5 Lined Notebook – Mustard Yellow £13.99 from Oxfam Online Shop.

11. “Vegan From My Head Tomatoes” Vegan Apron was £29 now £23.20 from Vegan Outfitters.

12.  Ecopots Bruges Recycled Balcony Plant Pot £29.99 from Oxfam Online Shop.  

13. Personalised Lunchbox £27 from WakeCup.  

14. Purify & Relax Breathe Intro gift set £28 from The Body Shop.

15. Doormat £12.99 from Oxfam Online Shop.

16. Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner Twinpack £9.99 from Oxfam Online Shop.

17. Respect Your Mother Vegan Mug was £15 now £12 from Vegan Outfitters.   

18. Be Kind Rainbow T-Shirt £19 from Kind Clothing.

19. Zero Waste Lunch Kit £40 from WakeCup.

20. Detox Bath Bomb – In 30 minutes remove toxins £10.82 from Nature’s Skin and Body.

21. Small Recycled Wool Rug £12.99 from Oxfam Online Shop.

22. Marine Conservation Society Cup was £22 now £20 from WakeCup.

23. Foam & Merriment Shower Gel Trio £6 from The Body Shop.

24. Bamboo Cup – Rainbow £7.99 from Oxfam Online Shop.   

25. No-Wool Woolly Beanie hat was £18 now £14.40 from Vegan Outfitters.

26. Set of 2 Tea/Coffee Caddies was £40 now £30 from WakeCup.

27. Wonder & Wishes Hand Balm Duo £12 from The Body Shop.

28. Respect Your Mother Hoodie £39 from Kind Clothing.

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