Save Over 50% with Black Friday Collections at The Body Shop

Get more and spend less with our favourite combos this Black Friday! Restore and replenish with savings of up to 50% on selected skin and body care sets. Hurry, these deals won’t be around for long!

Tea Tree Collection

Tea tree is a small plant that grows in tropical climates. The leafy plant is typically harvested for its oil which is known for its cleansing and purifying properties – hence why it’s so popular in skincare, especially for those with oily, blemish-prone skin. Not only does it help to reduce the appearance of blemishes, it works with your skin to help keep them at bay too.

CBD Collection

CBD has an array of benefits for dehydrated skin that can help restore a healthy-looking complexion. Our soothing CBD range is enriched with many natural-origin ingredients for a calming and relaxing skincare routine.

Pamper Collection

The good old-fashioned way to release some tension – take a nice, long soak in the tub and practice a little self-care. Run the bath, fill it with your favourite bubbles or bath bomb and get ready to relax. Set the ambience just right by lighting that candle you were saving for a special occasion, dim the lights and put on some chilled music.

Glow Collection

We always want our skin to maintain its natural-looking glow, but busy lifestyles and everyday stress can lead to dull, uneven and tired-looking skin. Discover our top tips for how to help reveal glowing skin and meet the radiance-revealing skincare heroes you can swear by with our expert guide here.

Drops of Youth Collection

Our Drops of Youth range is enriched with Edelweiss which is a rare mountain flower that grows in Alpine environments. It’s only found at very high altitudes, between 1500 and 3000m, where it defies extreme environmental conditions, including strong winds, frost, and volatile temperatures. It produces its own antioxidant called leontopodic acid which allows the flower to protect itself from all those harsh environmental aggressors.

Party Collection

Dust off those dancing shoes, put on something glittery and take our party makeup for a whirl. It’s time to be a little bit extra with your looks.

We love a simple, natural makeup look, but Christmas is all about the sparkle. And you don’t need loads of new makeup to do it. Our top tip is to invest in versatile, buildable products, so you can wear them every day and dial up the drama when you need.

Discover and shop collections here.

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